New Low Rider in Southern Ontario

Printing has been going quit well! The part design is 1st class and the parts are turning out really well!


Well designed parts fit perfectly! Thank you Ryan for this

amazing design! Can’t wait to start making things. My project book is growing as the printer is running. Only parts left to print are for the vacuum system.

The aluminum sure makes this thing solid!


Made some more progress today! Tomorrow is table day! :wink: Only thing that doesn’t line up perfectly are the lead screws.
Is that normal?

The leadscrews need to be perfect to move smoothly. I needed to shim mine a little (but this was the previous version). It is also common to only put one screw in the nut. It just has to keep it from spinning and if it is over constrained, it can bind.

Lastly, don’t judge the friction until you have added lubrication.

Well that’s not good! It’s out almost 1/4". Any suggestions?

Is the aluminum flat? Did you check it before assembly?

Yes absolutely 100% Flat!

Ok… Problem solved, I had the XZ_Main installed backwards. Lines up perfect now! At least I’ll be able to sleep tonight! :grinning:

Once again compliments to the design of this machine @vicios1


That’s great. I should have noticed. Looks right on now.

Yup night and day difference!

Table is finished and the LowRider is wired! Just need to deal with all the excess wire. Was thinking about cutting the wires to length but that wouldn’t allow for it to grow in the future. Need to find a way to mount the board and the control tablet.

Next is to print a pen holder and to draw a crown. :slight_smile:


In the words of Dr. Frankenstein… “It’s Alive!”