New LowRider 2 Kit + 3D Parts + Flat Parts + Rails

I started this project but unfortunately have to sell because of some unforeseen expenses. This build was setup for 25.4mm a full 8x4 sheet.


  • LR2 Kit (No board, Purchased from Ryan)
  • 3D Printed parts including screen/electronics case. (99% in Blue PLA on my 3D printer)
  • Flat Parts (Purchased from another member here)
  • Polished Stainless Steel Tubes 1" OD X .065" wall X .870" (Purchased from Metals Depot)
  • DeWalt 1/8 Collet
Just add your own electronics, table, and router/spindle.

Most of the assembly on the flat parts have been done.

Looking to get $450 shipped.

Email is



This Kit has been sold.

Thank you everyone