New LR2 Folding Build in Flagstaff AZ

I’m a mechanical engineer that recently moved to Arizona for the outdoor lifestyle. I’ve been looking for a project to fulfill my building addiction and so far this has been the perfect project.

A few months ago I was set on ordering a metal Maslow cnc until I stumbled across the LR2. I was drawn to the Maslow by its cutting area and small footprint, but didn’t like how slow it was and the chance of it getting stuck and starting a fire.

After creeping through these forums for a month I came up with a design (napkin style) so I can fold the table up when not in use. I previously picked up a rolling dry erase cart at the local re-store ($10) for the Maslow build and decided to re-purpose it for this build.

So far I’ve bolted a wood mount to the cart and I’ll attach door hinges to this mount and the bottom support bar of the table (starting the table build this weekend). I also ordered a small Rigid Vac that I’ll store in a wood frame that’s bolted to the cart.

Can’t wait to get calibrating and cutting!


My LR2 is 90% assembled and just waiting for the table and the Rambo boards to arrive.


Nice. I recently had a similar thought of doing a folding platform for a lowrider. Good luck on your design.

I hate to bring this up, but the lowrider and MPCNC can have the same issue. Typically it’s not the machine, but either the bit will slip out of the collet, or the router will be told to plunge too deep and the collet will rub the material.

Fire extinguishers or a cup of Mt Dew are recommended to keep nearby for such emergencies.

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Single-malt scotch and velcro flys are strongly discouraged due to alcohol abuse and risk of electrocution.

I appreciate the ‘technical’ insights from both of you. I’ll make sure to implement these safety measures.

We’re full of it… them. I mean… we’re full of ‘them’.

What he said. And if you were/are a decent working mech-E, then you should have all the safety ingrained in your muscle memory as it is. It’s us code jockeys and weekend workmen who risk life and limb being all cavalier with spinning shafts of metallic death and insanely flammable materials.

(i.e., our repeated safety cautions and inane advice are often to remind ourselves as much as anything else)

Yes, I’m as boring as you assumed…:wink: Safety does take away a little fun and a lot of adrenaline.