New Marlin 1.1.0RC8

Today was released the RC8 version.

I’m interested in better graphic display performance (The ENSURE_SMOOTH_MOVES feature was very useful to smooth my laser raster engraving) and G38.2/3 support (Z probe)… but has other performance improvements also.

Sweet! I’ll update our stuff asap!

I updated and now (after flipping y) I start a gcode from SD (which I just cut 5 minutes before flashing) and the Z lifts then stops and machine halted is thrown up on the LCD. Does it have anything to do with the large change from 788 to 4535.44 on the z_axis mm/s? I doubt it and will try it again but something broke my particular setup lol.

It means you are trying to move your z axis too fast. Check your gcode. It will allow a few moves that are too fast but if there are to many it stops the cut.

Remember z axis is no more than about 8mm/s, useful range for cnc is about 4-5mm/s you shouldn’t be hitting that error. Check your cam settings and try again. Run a test cut first so you don’t waste material. I do it with every cut.

May be new marlin has some bug with limiting high z speed…
Neil, check this posts

It is not a bug it is intentional. Without it your chances of missing steps are very likely. When running a test cut you might not find out you missed steps, this is a clear indication.

weird thing is I just finished cutting the same gcode 5 minutes before the upgrade. I only have
I will run a different cut to see but… I have attached the vbit profile I used. maybe 24mm/s on the xy is too much?



Make sure the “f” command is checked to run on every line. That 24/mms could carry over and be used on the Zaxsis and is likely your issue. The f box is mm/m, so mm/s*60

Thanks for the info guys. I have updated my Estlcam settings to reflect your screenshot from the above post. I will throw one of the kids names on a scrap board to test! Thanks again. Keep up the excellent work Ryan!! Since switching to an e3dv6 clone hotend on my mp3dp the thing has been printing almost all day every day (PLA) I just switched out to a roll of PETG and so far so good. I purchased a laser module (100$ 2.8w - Leo) so I need another mpcnc just for the laser (duh). I was able to print all parts in petg on my monoprice mini but the c-xyz part is too large for the build plate so the good ol faithful mp3dp is printing the larger parts!

Marlin developers confirmed that there were changes in the way RC8 behave in jerk/acceleration implementation:

My configuration with 32 microstepping, 8mm threaded works great now with 7 mm/seg as max Z feedrate… G0/G1 with high feedrate in Z don’t reset the arduino any more.

Hi Vicious1,

Is it possible that you create a fork of marlin on github with your upgrades so we can easily track changes and propose MPCNC fix/addons against the base firmware ?

I have tried to take your changes and merge them either with the 1.1.0-RC8 tag or the RCBugFix branche or the RC branche, I have file conflicts.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any change I have made to the firmware was commented with “//MPCNC” it is easily searched in arduino. I also have the firmware ready for download on the site you don’t need to make any changes yourself.

I wouldn’t mind making a fork, but I really don’t have the time to figure out that side of github right now. If you have a link to a quick and dirty tutorial I could try in the next few weeks. I understand forking it but not how to make my changes and how they are implemented when the original branch updates.

Reading through the news post on the front page, it’s not clear to me which pieces of software I need to upgrade. Do I need to flash my RAMPS board? Do I need the beta version of Estlcam? How can I tell if the problems fixed in the software are the same as the ones I’m currently experiencing?

I’ll read through it and see if I can clarify it.

If you are using estlcam, yes update it to at least .37.

if you are not using a laser, do not worry about the firmware.


I have made a fork of Marlin to apply your changes :

I took the RC7 tag.

Then I applied your changes (each line with MPCNC) : from the “Marlin RC7 MPCNC w/LCD” (I don’t know which threaded rod I have, so I took first)

Finally I updated to RC8.

RC8 doesn’t work for us. We have to use the bugfix branch. I have the changes ready but I am going to test it a little longer before I put it up.

Thank you though.

Ok, I will make a RCBugFix branch.

I am curious, what “doesn’t work” ? :slight_smile:

The LCD changes they made, you’ll see in the bugfix they took most of it out and implemented it in a different way.

Took the previous branch I made (RC8) then merges the RCBugFix branch and tadaaa :