New Marlin firmware?

Hi all,

Are the changes listed here still valid for the last marlin rc version?

Vicious1 which version are you trying? When do you think it will be released your customized version?

This is the last one as Release Candidate:
Marlin 1.1.0-RC7 - 31 July 2016

I have the RC6 up on the marlin page, I am working through the RC7 and will mark my changes so this is a quicker process next time.

Great. Thank you.

RC7 is making my machine shake badly with some “fast” test files I use, acceleration changes doesn’t seem to fix it even though that’s usually the issue (laser cutting needs faster acceleration than, say, routing - burning continues, routing doesn’t.) I’m sure they’ve tested it with 3D printing, which I have not yet, but I’m pretty concerned about the differences I’ve seen so far.

Did you adjust the Jerk settings as well?

Yep, I usually have it set to 12 but I just tried 4 and it’s the same deal.

This particular gcode file (Inkscape generated) just sends the tool around in a big circle (almost the full size of the machine 70cmx70cm) as fast as it can go. I’ve tried it successfully on both the old Marlin and GRBL. It’s pretty smooth.

It looks like (on the lower Jerk setting anyway) it’s stalling at the end of each arc. segment.

It’s entirely possible I’ve screwed up a setting for my machine, since it’s a little bit custom, but straight moves seem OK.

Okay Marlin RC7 with the LCD, this looks good so far on my machines,

I did reverse the Y direction, it was backwards…leftovers…

Works with arduino 1.6.11 fully updated as of 9/9/16

Great! thank you.

Does the following gcode produce a totally smooth circle motion for you guys? (after the initial movement of course, and this should “fit” on any machine):

(Header end.)
G21 (All units in mm)

(Start cutting path id: path3336)
(Change tool to Default tool)

G00 X51.245615 Y28.593558 F10000

G02 X45.698628 Y15.201950 I-18.938597 J0.000004 F10000
G02 X32.307019 Y9.654965 I-13.391609 J13.391611
G02 X18.915410 Y15.201950 I-0.000001 J18.938597
G02 X13.368422 Y28.593558 I13.391608 J13.391612
G02 X14.810036 Y35.841046 I18.938597 J0.000002
G02 X18.915408 Y41.985169 I17.496982 J-7.247486
G02 X25.059531 Y46.090541 I13.391610 J-13.391610
G02 X32.307019 Y47.532156 I7.247487 J-17.496982
G02 X39.554507 Y46.090541 I-0.000001 J-18.938597
G02 X45.698630 Y41.985169 I-7.247488 J-17.496981
G02 X49.804001 Y35.841045 I-13.391611 J-13.391609
G02 X51.245615 Y28.593558 I-17.496982 J-7.247486
G01 X51.245615 Y28.593558

(End cutting path id: path3336)

G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000

Try turning off arcs. I and J are arc commands.

OK, thanks for the suggestion, but it is interesting to note it’s now much worse with the newer firmware. Marlin is meant to be able to process arcs, though the old version did sometimes stutter once on some runs of the “big” circle, the new one stutters at every arc-end. Probably too many things happening and buffers emptying causing stalls. But it’s a trade off, really, by turning off arcs you end up with lots of code for only relatively small machine movement. This can have its problems too.

I might stick to GRBL for everything except 3D printing. It runs both the little and big circle tests smoothly and it’s very consistent. Marlin is new to me, I usually use Sailfish and/or GRBL. Thanks again.

There is an arc tuning setting in config adv.h of the new firmware that I have not set. I can try and look into it. But I think marlin does much better without using arcs, downside is a slightly larger gcode file.

It’s a hard question to answer, if you should look into it or not. I’ve had a play now and the old Marlin seems slightly better with 2mm per arc. instead of 1mm, and the new Marlin seems better when set to 4mm. I have not connected my pen up to see what 3mm-Diameter circles look like (which is something I would cut often for screw holes) but if they turn out round enough I’d say go with those settings. Alternatively, if you do see what I’m seeing (which no-one has confirmed yet, to my very slight disappointment) then a report to the Marlin programmers might be an idea. At least I know my mods. to Marlin are showing the same issues as your new firmware release, so thanks again!

Have you ever considered making a github branch for your marlin changes?

It would make it easier to track the changes you make vs original vs whatever additional tweaks we may have done.

I haven’t spent enough time on github, I would have to figure it out a bit so I wouldn’t screw anything up.

It is actually pretty easy which is why it has become so popular and why I recommend it. When on the main Marlin page you can just click the fork button and you can have your fork of Marlin where you can make your changes, updating it to keep in sync with the mainline is easy and any conflicting changes that you have made are also easier to spot. There really isn’t much more to screw up than your current releases as your changes are kept separate from mainline Marlin unless you really do have a fix that you want them to have that isn’t MPCNC specific.

Cool. I’ll take a look and if I get stuck I’ll come to you. It does sound like a good idea, I will still have to have a download available here, I got a ton of questions when the laser software was on github, no one knows to download the zip file. Maybe I can just link it…I’ll check it out.

Thanks I love making things easier!

Yeah feel free to poke me if you have issues