New MD3DP in Minnesota

Hi y’all!

It lives! And it prints like a boss… Well maybe a junior executive… But we will get this printer promoted!

My son and I built this and just fired it up for the first time. Seriously, leveled the bed and x, used some basic slicer settings, and pushed print. We couldn’t be happier with our initial results.

Here are some pictures. The wiring is top notch as you can see… Maybe a little work to be done there :slight_smile:

The Benchy is interesting, for the most part good, definitely some tweaking to be done and that is why I am here… Hoping the knowledge of the community can help us get it dialed in. It looks like some retraction needs to be increased and maybe raise up the bottom layer a tiny bit. What do y’all think we should tune?

We greatly appreciate your time… And to Ryan… Awesome stuff. This has been a fun build… Thank you!



Looks like a fun project…and a family project on top that, NICE!

That looks great! I keep seeing everyone with their MP3DP and it makes me want to start on one. But I still have my MPCNC to finish up, lol.

I love to see the personalized frame. Awesome.

I had a benchy with those same ribs on the bow. I tried a few things, but the final thing that fixed it was reducing the nozzle temp. The layers go from pretty large (the whole boat) to pretty small (just the bow and cabin) right about there. So the layers don’t have as much time to cool.

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That was my first attempt at carving with the mpcnc…I have some learning to do there too, But I figured we should put something up there! My son is wiring up some led’s for it too… Should be cool.

Do you think a lower temp would get rid of some of the stringiness in the doorways too? I did notice the stack on top was a bit mushy as it was printing. Another thing I’m looking at is the part cooling fan. It might be a bit undersized. I had one laying around in a box of old parts so I used it, but it is a tiny one.

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Any success with improving your print quality?