New MP3DP in Switzerland

Good evning friends,

today my screws arrived and i began to build the frame.

The last things who is missing are the steppers, springs for the 3d-touch, endstops and a 5015 fan for the mount. I hope they arrive soon.

I just had blue Petg left for the mount. Silver would look better but now its blue.

The skr mini v2.0 is also running in a box. Im curious if my configurarion will work with the steppers when they arrive.

Here some pictures and thanks for the project and community😀

Have a nice evning!


Is the frame aluminum?
If so, did you mill it yourself?

also, it’s very shiny.

Hello, yes the frame is out of aluminium.
I had luck and a friend of mine laser cutted them for free.

Yeah it looks really awesome :smiley:

Im still waiting for the steppers to arrive. Will post a update when i continue!

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Today I had time to work on my printer!

Mechanics are done. Tomorrow I will make the cable management and connect everything to the SKR mini. I hope the Firmware will work as exepted
Here a picture.

Have a nice evning!