New MP3DP in the work, but...

Hi, I’ve started printing the pieces for the MP3DP (with two friends , that would make 3 new MP3DPs) and start buying the mecanics/electronics. However, I’ve got a small question regarding bearings:

  1. I've seen that some people use 3D printed bearings. Did anyone test them ? is it any good ?
  2. In the list, there is 10 bearing listed. I see that there are only 3 on the Y plate, so which pher axis only goes with 3 ? Do all 3 axes get 3 bearings ?


1-I have tried but getting them sized just right hasn’t worked out for me yet. I wish they did, it was my goal to use them in a “mostly printed 3D printer” it didn’t work out so now it is a “Milled/Printed 3D Printer”.

2-3 in the bed, 4 in the z axis, 3 in the X axis.

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I tried them in my first build and didnt like them.


OK, thanks to both of you !

Next set of questions :

  • regarding the 6-32 screws/holes/etc, you mention that it's roughly equivalent to M3.5. However, those are REALLY difficult to get here in europe. So which replacement would be better ? M3 or M4 ? Are there any screws that should be the lesser size, and other parts that would be better with the bigger ones ?
  • We plan on a bowden setup. I saw in some comments (here or on thingiverse) that you recommend to put the extruder motor on the right side for balance. But would higher be best ? lower ? Would it make sense to attach it to the right XZ mount (which model could be adapted to add the mount) ? Or on the frame ?
  • Lastly, we'll add an aluminum corner (10mm*10mm) at the inside bottom of the Y-Plates (we'll need to cut a small /thin corner of the Y_Bearing and Y_Mount). We'll fix them via the bottom screw of the Bearing/mount, and perhaps the corners. Would that hit anything, restrict the Y ? Does it make sense ?


-Print out a part and see what fit you like better, I use M3.5 and 6/32 (in the US it is easy to get both at any hardware store) so I have not tried anything else.

-I haven’t done it, some just attach it to the frame. Again, you can’t go wrong try it and see what you like. I personally don’t use bowden if I can help it.

-Should work.

Modding before you try something out might be a waste of time. If I thought anything was needed I would change the design.

OK, Thanks !!!