New MPCNC Build - Australia

Kit ordered, Pipe sorted 25.4mm Stainless,

Now to print all of the things


The plan is to get it all bolted together with a my old dremil or maybe try the Ozito from Bunnings,(not $39 any longer, now $79, maybe someone saw @hoges’s post from back in May and upped the price)

and dial it in before having a play with some ally sheet for some motorbike parts



Are those the latest burly parts? It looks like it might be the older design.

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its part of the 525 MPCNC Corners so based off the pre-burly parts

First time printing at .3 in PETG and wanted something quick (relatively speaking) to test with and these ended up a few hours less

53ish hours and progress is looking good

[attachment file=110512]

However I have hit a small snag until next weeks delivery

[attachment file=110513]




Coffee Table testing

Next is the tooling and making some chips


Coffee Table testing

Next is the tooling and making some chips[attachment file=112911]

[attachment file=112913]
[attachment file=112914]

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Is it even legal in Oz to depict rabbits, especially those engaged in “romantic entanglements”? Didn’t you blokes fight a war or something about it? :wink:

Oh man that circle is a great test drawing, madlebrot circles or something?

it was the emu’s we fought. we just gave the rabbits myxomatosis.

Yeah, but you lost to the emus, didn’t you? Not that I blame you, they were probably getting covert support from the carroways…

Of course, mentioning emus gives me parenting PTSD flashbacks to The Wiggles… Damn you!

Yep just a random cycle fractal from google image search (Apollonian gasket it said)

it was a little quick and dirty line trace in inkscape so its no perfect but gave me the right idea