New MPCNC build

Printing is done (I used PETG) and just put in my order for parts through the vicious web store (order #1386)… I would strongly encourage anyone on the fence about buying parts for their mpcnc to purchase from the developer of this platform.

Going with a 36x36x(4, 6, or 12) build and stainless steel tubes… I have yet to settle on a z height, not sure if I want this to be dedicated to CNC or have the ability to FDM with it.

I will update here periodically with build progress; that said, I am currently in medical school so this machine will only see about 1 to 2 hours each week of my time.

Can’t wait to see it.

final dimensions will be 36x36x3. I got a few quotes locally for steel tubing and they were either on par with or more expensive than using speedymetals.

for anyone that is interested in the breakdown:

1" OD {A} x 0.902" ID {B} x .049" {C} Wall 304 Stainless Steel Tube (Tubing), Annealed
66.96 (36" x 6 units) 6.82 (10.5" x 2 units)
$ 3.72 (2.5" x 4 units)
$18.84 UPS ground shipping
-$3.87 5% discount (code: SCR2011)

$92.46 total

If you search for coupon codes, speedymetals offers 5%, 10%, and sometimes 15% off site-wide. I was not able to get any codes to work other than 5% off. I am willing to bet a significant portion of mpcnc builders have used this company, I wonder if they would consider adding a coupon code for members of this forum?

so i went to pull off my XY parts this morning and saw that they had warped (never happened with PETG before).

i am afraid this will affect the fit of the xyz parts… anyone with any thoughts? I’d hate to waste a pound of PETG printing these again.

Quick update:

I received my parts from Vicious on Monday (super fast shipping). I haven’t had the time to do an inventory check but with a cursory glance, they all appear to be accounted for. The items were well packed and the standard USPS box was reinforced at the corners (a thoughtful touch). Given this initial experience, I will most certainly order from Vicious again (lowrider is next on my to do list).

Speedymetals finally shipped my stuff (they generated a shipping label on business day 2 but it did not physically ship out until day 3). Just shy of 11lbs worth of stainless tubes. I hope paying extra for custom cuts was worth it.

You can try to de-warp your parts using a hot air gun. It’s a bit tricky because it will be hard to get a perfect result, but I did that for a few pieces that ended up too big to fit on my 25mm tubing and it worked just fine.

Looks like you only have bed adhesion problems, the rest of the part seems fine. Currently, how do you ensure the bed sticking?

PEI + heated bed. i have never had anything warp on this setup (more than 60lbs of filament).

thanks for the suggestion, that was my plan if it doesn’t work out of the gate… that or a compression fitting in that millimeter space.

a small preview:

edit: reduced file size of attachment.