New MPCNC in Dubai

I must say, this was much easier than I had expected…extremely smooth build. The only time something didnt work was when I didnt read / follow instructions…

Build area was intended to be 450x by 650y but I must have put the pipe in the dimensions tool the other way, so I’m losing about 3cm on the Y for the time being…will have to swap a few things around to get that back…but no biggie. Using a Makita - mainly for the lower RPM options, but I do like their tools overall.

First cuts went surprisingly well, decided on a 60 degree vee…first a Tri-Force, then a sign for a friend, and finally my company logo…smooth, accurate, dusty as F. Gonna build myself a dust shoe tomorrow :slight_smile:

My plans for this will be largely around guitars - templates, body carves, engravings, inlays, etc…and maybe pick up some side projects / jobs.

Overall - super pleased with the results and thankful for Ryan and everyone that make these things possible.


Very nice! Look forward to seeing some guitar stuff in the future.


Wow. That is some very accurate Z for a brand new machine. Nice work.

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I’ll be interested in how it handles the heat. I’m guessing that’s your garage. I flew through Dubai last year, didn’t leave the airport though. Was raining, so didn’t get a good look at the Burj.

It’s in a room with AC attached to the garage, so heat shouldn’t be an issue.

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