New MPCNC Primo size 1200x600mm

Hello to all
I attach some photos and 2 Youtube video clips from my new builded Primo. It took me about 40 days to build because of the courier delays, Working Size is 1200x600mm Quite rigit. My 3d parts made from PLA where i prefered rigity and PETG where i need temerature resistance, motor and steppers etc. The plan was to use Marlin, but after a second thout I used GRBl with 5axis, enducross version

I will use my built for CNC and laser cuttings.
Thanks to all who Created this beautifull project, so we enjoy building something Remarcable.




Nice construction, good job, now it’s time to start enjoying it :wink:

What kind of bearings did you use, they look like 608z or 608zz. I initially put in 608zz and after a while the dust did its thing, and they were no longer running smoothly. I had to disassemble everything and install some 608RS.

Best regards.

Thank you Roger i used plain 608z hopefully will last for a while.

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Hola como estan? que placa de control usaste?

I use Bcnc for fast gcode editing and Cncjs for ready made gcode.

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Realmente estoy bloqueado con esto, el mpcnc usa 5 motores pero las placas que he visto solo admiten 3 y uno clonado como consigo controlar los 5 motores de manera independiente? me puedes ayudar?

Check this it uses 5axis for grbl with Ramps board


That’s a great size! Stainless Steel rods? Any flex issues in the longer run?


I have noticed a tiny wiggle on tight YX curves that’s maybe to high acceleration speed 300mm/sec. But is not visible on woodwork that I am doing, so I let it be for now.


Nice build and love your signs!
Nice job and nicer jobs :wink: