new need help getting started


i am new to the CNC build and need some help buying a kit . I am wanting to build the

Mostly printed CNC probably a 24 x 24 inch size . I mainly want to rout guitar bodies and

clock cases. I think i know what to buy but i just want to be sure before i buy it. if i buy

these 2 item

  1. Mostly printed CNC parts Bundle (6a /RAMbo serise wire kit ) $320.00
  2. MPCNC printed parts -23.5 mm burly $135.00
then added the tubing and a router will i have everything i need to start cutting ?



i have started printing the parts while I ponder what to order.

you might want an LCD display. What about sharp cutting things?


How are you going to control the machine? Are you going to stick with transferring the gcode on an SDcard or direct connection with a computer or laptop? That isn’t necessarily an added cost, but something to consider. Figuring out a CAM program can cost or not depending on what you choose. I paid the $50 for Estlcam and it is doing great so far.

Also the base/table, spoil board and those goodies.

Dust collection is important, however you figure it out. Without a vacuum close by, everything within a four foot radius is going to be covered with a fine dust and especially if you are hogging out a lot of material making guitar bodies, you’ll need something for that.

Of course, just getting bits or end mills is a good start and you can do a lot right off the bat. Looking forward to seeing your build and your projects.

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i think i am going to use a laptop and direct connect it to the machine that just sounds easier to me . as for dust collection i am using a shop vac for that . I know i cant use it to program but i do have CadKey software at home , i was wondering if there was an easy way to draw in it, then dump it into a CAM program . How long have you been using your machine ,are you happy with it?