New old Tools

Some of the others on this board like to play with old tools.

My grandparents are downsizing to a retirement center, so I got to drive down and pick up some of my poppy’s tools.

The two larger items are a bandsaw from the 1950’s and a table saw. The table saw is nothing special, but it does have a cast iron top.

The band saw is a solid piece of machinery. I spent a few hours doing basic cleanup and getting the bandsaw screws to turn correctly for everything.

Once I got everything into the garage, my wife very quickly noticed that her car no longer fits. Looks like we’ll be building a storage shed finally. That way all the yard/gardening stuff can be put into the shed and I can finish up the garage workshop. I can’t wait to get my old 1950’s lathe onto a permanent fixture too. I also have a very old joiner/table saw combo I’m still trying to restore.

Poppy had a ton of tools laying around. The one that cracked me up the most was someone had bought him a 150 piece mechanic starter kit from Sears. The box looked like it had never been opened.

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Nice! Old tools are cool. I enjoy collecting them when I can and using them as well. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see the lathe.

I think I live in the wrong neighborhood. I keep asking for old tools at garage sales. I’ve probably stopped at ten and I haven’t seen anyone even offer one tool.

Those tools are awesome. I bet they will clean up nicely. I have a crappy benchtop bandsaw. I really need to buy a nice one or build one.

I’ve been meaning to make a new shed for the yard stuff. Where it is now is really inconvenient for the 1 thing we do all the time, which is pull out the mower. I would advise thinking about how to get the mower in and out without moving anything else, but still maximizing the storage space. I think I am going to build something about 3’ deep, and 8’ wide, and have a door on one end for the mower to roll into, and I’ll build shelves over the top of the mower to keep stuff off of it. So if you open the 8’ long side, you can get to stuff on top of the mower, but if you open the 3’ side, you will just be able to pull out the mower.

Here’s a crappy picture of the lathe. I’ll have to take new ones once I get the shop cleaned up.

Regarding the shed: Budget constraints having us doing just a simple 10x12 metal shed. Even with all the stuff I plan on putting in it, the mower and edger should be easy to remove as they’ll go in last. I tend to pull all my yard stuff out and put it on the driveway before I start. We plan on putting a crushed granite area in front of the shed doors that I can pull stuff out onto when doing the lawn.

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Cool lathe! Good ideas on the shed. I have the same issue that I cant currently get my riding mower into the shed. Will be turning the shed and adding a door to the rear corner. That way I can pull the mower into the back corner and still have the other door up front to get to everything else.

Nice! Old tools rock. I scored this 50’s era Delta bandsaw back in 2011 that was sitting on the side of a friends house collecting dust and rust. Did a complete teardown on it to clean it up and get it going. Has been in regular use by me since even though it still has a few issues:

Biggest problem with it is the blade guides are in sorry shape and the tension spring is pretty much shot. And none of those parts are still made for it. I cobbled together some blade guides out of hardwood that work ok - but aren’t great. The tension spring I just have to max out to get enough blade tension right now…which results in broken blades more often than I’d like. Still looking for a suitable replacement spring :frowning:

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