New online shop

Any opinions on a new shop?

The current system is a pain in the a&&, an looks pretty crappy in my opinion. If I move over to Shopify I can take all forms of payment, have better control over shipping, and spend less time dealing with B.S. If I get the shopping cart off this site I can have more freedom to change the look and feel of the site a bit more with no fear of breaking the cart. The down side is I can’t really move the whole site over. Maybe at some point I could move everything except the forums, but I think it’s is going to be best to just sort of separate the two. This current site, and the shop ( not fully functional yet just trying it out). The only real downside I can see is the log in information is separate…is that really a downside? We all have a million different log-ins by now.

I used shopify before and it works really well. So I can definitely recommend it, especially for the different payment methods, but you do have to consider the costs. In my case I also had to pay 2% of the transaction to spotify for using the largest dutch payment company here and then still had to pay 80 dollars a month.

So it works well if you have a decent stream of revenue each moment. Sometimes I didn’t sell stuff for a month or so and that was getting costly and once you go there, it’s not easy to get back. (setting up a new shop with all the products etc just takes a while)

But in your case i’d say: go for it. :wink: It will definitely save some time. I don’t think the different login credentials are a problem. Your customer base is probably pretty tech orientated and doesn’t care about that.

Thanks, I hope to open it up tonight or tomorrow. I can give it a test run pretty easy with my small shop.

my wife and I have a small baby clothing business and we have used Shopify for the past 2.5 years. We are really happy with it and I have found it to be really easy to use. Great ease of shipping and tracking inventory.

I like the look of the new shop! No worries on the separate log ins. I’ve got 10 billion and counting already :slight_smile:

Thanks, Glad to hear it. I have only needed one app, compared to woocommerce, That is amazing.

So far nothing but good things about shopify from anyone I have heard from!

The design of the shop is really good. I’m not familiar with this shop in detail (technically) but it should work without any problems. Congrats!


Once I finalize the shop move I can work on the rest of the sites looks to try an match it a bit. Once I installed the cart and shop on the site originally it made it extremely difficult to change the sites theme or anything else. Everything seemed to affect the way the shop worked and always caused errors. So hopefully we will get a new look soon!

The about box/link still needs filling in.

Also I’m intigued how much the shipping to the UK for the plastic parts particularly costs. I think the MPCNC looks neat, but I’m yet to justify it and the previous shipping costs were making it look like buying a 3d printer was going to be cheaper than shipping the parts.

The axis system is really interesting and the likes of the farmbot would benefit it amongst other systems needing 3d gantry systems.

I will take the about us link off right now.

Did the shipping calculation not work correctly? I use usps priority flat rate shipping I can’t find any other carrier to come any where near those prices for international shipping.

Oh, I forgot to say it looks beautiful.

Nice :slight_smile: I have made my shopping on it. No problems yet :slight_smile:

  • In the base bundle page, the link to “printed parts” points to the old shop.
  • Does the USPS shipping method has tracking number ?
  • Have you considered other shipping methods (like for example UPS or Fedex) for differents prices ?
  • Maybe you can ask shopify about adding secured payments (like 3D secure).

Thanks for the order and the feedback!

-I fixed the bad link…thanks for that.
-When I print the shipping label tomorrow you will get an email that includes the tracking number.
-I get contacted and regularly check with other shippers. USPS flat rate is by far the , quickest, least expensive option there is. That also includes insurance and tracking. To give you an example I checked this morning for shipping a hardware bundle to Europe via DHL $170, USPS $65. I do keep trying though.
-I can enable more payments I have not heard of that one, I’ll look into it. The biggest in the US is paypal (which accepts all major credit cards without an account), followed by amazon payments.

The “secured” payments I talk is about credit card payments. In my case, I took direct credit card payment, and my card has been directly accepted. That is “not secured”.
What I call “secured” is when I send my credit card information, I am redirected to my bank’s page, to write the text I received on my phone, to allow the payment.
I don’t know if Paypal or Amazon can do this, I think they do it already.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The new shop looks great!
was very easy to navigate and to find the parts I had previously found on the previous shop.

I just finished printing all of the parts for the 1" od version(J), and am printing accessories now, like the case for the graphic smart controller.

*Unfortunately, I have to wait to order the parts bundle (money is tight right now)<sigh>.
Hoping to get to actually get the parts ordered soon though =D

Instead of the home link taking you to the old site can you just have a link to the forum and a link to the instructions at the top? I think that would make it feel more integrated. The new store looks really nice and is super fast.

Good idea I’ll do it right now.


Quick and easy, I love all the help.

Any chance you could add that pen holder to the shop? I’m thinking of cobbling something together to test with using zip ties, but I’m going to want the real thing eventually.

Sure, good idea. I am almost done with the drag knife holder as well (it’s only a year and a half late… About to print the second revision right now.)


pen mount- Done