New Pandemic Build Northern VA

Because of the global situation in the world right now, I have been able to take my time and build a MPCNC. Did I do everything right? Oh hell no. I expected the build to take about 2 months. At 2 months I had it mostly completed and drawing the crown and other larger and fun things. At the 3 month mark I think I am finally done. In the last month I built the enclosure, control box, added the speed control, emergency stop, and added dual end stops.

I must say even with taking my time to build my MPCNC, there were problems and setbacks. I spent about 3 days trying to square the middle assembly with no luck. But I let it just run, drawing large pictures for a couple hours a day for a week and it fixed it’s self. During this time I realized the I had over tightened the top corner parts and 2 of the 4 had broke. So, I printed 4 new ones and replaced therm all making sure not to over tighten them. Then came the day to install the DW660 for my 1st cuts into foam. After an hour of figuring out how it actually mounts, I found the next problem. When I glued the nuts tot he back of the universal tool mount some superglue seeped into the threads and I snapped 2 screws. So I printed a new one over night and used E6000 instead of superglue. It worked like a champ. During this time built a control box for my Rambo and Pi and got it all wired up nice and neat-ish. I fired it up and everything moved in the correct direction. Until I homed to my dual end-stops. One end stopped and the other didn’t. A couple things happened to cause this. 1st the metal lever on the end-stop was missing on one of them. Either it just disappeared or a cat had found a new toy. I vote cat. And actually the bigger problem was that I had accidentally swapped the min max connectors on the Rambo board when I put it in the new case so they were working on opposite ends to their steppers. Dohh… After those Snafus everything went really well with my 1st cuts in foam. I installed a speed control and the emergency shutoff and started cutting the holes for my spoilboard. I probably spent 5 hours in 2 days cutting holes in batches. on the 3rd day I went to home the machine and it made a horrible noise. Only one of the Y steppers was moving. I restarted the machine and tested the travel and both steppers were working properly. I homed it again and I got the same horrible noise. After testing the end-stops with my meter it looks like one had died. Thank goodness I had bought extras after the last problem. I soldered a new end-stop in and was very happy with the results. That’s when I looked up at the center assembly and noticed the top clamp holding the DW660 was broken. I am guessing my gorilla hands over tightened that also. So last night I printed a new part and will install it today. While I was waiting for the part to print I started playing with the old end-stop. Now, for some reason it tests good, but it is still going in the trash.

I’m still refining it but it is up and working now. Just in time to upgrade it to the new design :slight_smile:

And today begins my new journey into CNC.

The evil cat

Broken mount

Broken end-stops


I like the enclosure…I built one that’s 30" tall, so yours looks claustrophobic to me. LOL

Is that a Lightburn sitting on top? Do you like it?

It is a tight fit :slight_smile:

Yes, that is a Glowforge on top. I’ve had it close to 2 years and I love it. I’m going to use it to cut some Plexiglas for an observation port for the side of the MPCNC.