New Parts for the T8 Leadscrew

I ordered the parts bundle for the MPCNC and I’m down to printing the last few parts for my build. The parts kit now includes a T8 leadscrew, which I assumes replaces a threaded rod for the Z axis, but there does not appear to be updated parts (but I have may have missed it … I have been printing -away and throwing the completed parts in a box to be assembled later) for the “Nut Lock” or the “Pineapple Coupler.” Have these parts been incorporated into another part that I may have already printed?

Looking forward to the build … tired of watching the 3D printer do it’s thing



Just check if you have print xyz t8 part

Thanks, I printed those yesterday! I also saw there is a file for the 8mm pineapple-missed that one before I posted my question.