New Primo Build - Bay Area - California

My Primo is alive and kicking and doing great.

Started with a few of the smaller bits

Then this fine looking hunk of plastic

Yeah that took a while (0.16mm layers, looks great though)

Next stop trucks

These bad boys took a cool 86hrs to complete!

Quick test fit

Construction begins - it’s sized for 24" x 24"

Using a Bart Dring 6 Pack CNC board with TMC2160 drivers - works great and nice and flexible

Custom end stop mounts

First light!


I now have my DW660 strapped to it and that’s working great as well. Super fun project :slight_smile:


Looks like a great build! I’m in Walnut Creek if you ever want to troubleshoot/brainstorm. I’m still using the original version and probably should upgrade to Primo. So far I’ve gotten some good mileage out of it though.

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Cool - just up the road, I’m in Moraga :slight_smile: What projects have you used yours for?

I miss that side of the hill, Tracy is to dang hot, hopefully we get some sort of maker faire around here later this year to meet some you local crew.

Well I know this is a bit off topic but my buddy Ryan (he is why most people call me Ted) has a couple restaurants in Martinez, Papi’s and Taco Daddy’s (3rd spot coming soon in the Market), if you get the chance head up there and give him a hard time. Then tell him I sent you!

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Yeah a Maker Faire meetup would be fun :slight_smile:

Taco Daddy’s, hard time, noted :wink:

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Hi Damien, nice to meet you. I’ve been using it to make front panels for electronics projects (fairly soft aluminum about 2mm thick). Took some practice with the speeds and feeds (about 200mm/min with single flute 1/8" carbide cutter and about .7 mm passes). Once dialed in it’s the perfect tool for the job!

Ryan, I will definitely need to check out Papi’s and Taco Daddy’s and deliver the requisite hard time! And thanks again for designing and sharing such an awesome machine!


How are you liking those 2160 drivers? I am running drv purples on mine lol. Are your motors staying cool?

Are you using the DeWalt for the aluminium cutting? That’s one of the hopeful goals of my current build, to cut aluminum, and I’m still researching a good cutting tool.

I’m running the 2160s in coolstep mode and yes the steppers remain cool but haven’t really put them through their paces yet.