New Primo Build From Ontario, Canada

Started getting into woodworking last summer. Never tried anything in the digital fabrication world until this CNC.

Ordered all components including printed parts from Ryan. No duties were charged to me during shipment from the US to my home in Canada. I picked up the 1" OD stainless tube cut to length from Mr. Metal in Etobicoke, ON for $112 CAD.

It’s theoretically a 30x30 cut size. Though I screwed down a slightly smaller spoil board to be able to surface the whole thing and still work with larger items hanging past the front if so inclined.

Just finished a bit of wire management and learned the joy of shrink wrap and a heat gun. Put in a piece of tape measure into all 3 axis’. Not sure how to zip tie the Z axis wires yet and I don’t have a 3D printer so it’s not easy for me to print one of the mounts I see other people using.

I originally intended to build a double swing door on the front of this enclosure and a flip up top. That’s probably my next task while I also try to figure out the best way for me to run a vacuum hose to it.

It was a fun experience to build and not as complicated as I originally thought it would be. Highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. Now I just need to work up the courage to cut some wood.

If you have any feedback on what you see, please let me know. Thanks.


I’m working on something a little more elegant but here’s my first answer to Z axis cable management.

The string is just tied to an overhead joist.

Maybe a better angle.

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Thanks! I’ll probably do something similar based on your inspiration.