New Primo build Houston, TX 12" x 16" workspace

So will be my first foray into CNC. Been building 3d printers for about 5 years.

I decided to keep pretty small and close to “stock” to eliminate variables.

Printed parts took me about 70 hours on my Voron 2.4. I printed everything at 0.2mm layer height. 50% infill except the core which I did at 75% infill. Polymaker Polyterra PLA Charcoal Black Matte main color and Forest Green secondary color.

Ordered all the hardware, Going to store today to get EMT. I am going with 3/4" as 1" is to big for even the biggest sized printed parts. Hope it works out. For me this machine will be more for fun wood projects but hope it works for some aluminum just small stuff.

I’ll post at least once a week until this thing is done.


70hrs? I really need to just build that dang voron.


Those are some pretty parts in a small amount of time.


The voron is awesome and it has a 350mm build plate so I could print everything in 2 plates. One black and one green. @truglodite you won’t regret building one if you do. Not cheap but once tuned my parts look almost injection molded. I mostly print ABS and it goes super fast. At least twice as fast as like an ender or clone. 2nd major hurdle. Bought and cut the tubing today!


Yeah the cost and already having a printer that prints everything well (albiet much slower) has allowed me to put of building a Voron so far. I just need to get it done; I know I won’t regret it. The fact that you have all those parts on one plate with a core I think shows a bit of trust (it must be very reliable for you). I really like that enclosure mixing fan too… looks pro!

Well more progress. I think I’m pretty close to as far as I can go before things get here on the slow boat from China. Have steppers but waiting for belts leadscrews, pulleys, etc. I will probably go ahead and make a spoilboard at this stage as I’ve heard way easy to do before you finish installation. I have some leftover TTrack from an earlier project so think I am going to put that in. Probably use 6" 3/4"MDF strips with T Track in between. Let me know if anyone sees issues with it.


For your Voron, did you get a kit from somewhere for it, or did you go through the Voron webpage and build from their documentation/parts sourcing? I am thinking of adding this to the list of stuff I am going to build and in researching it, found the Voron site, but also some articles about getting any premade kits from outside sources. Just curious how you went about that build.

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Oh, that is so nice to hear. This should make for a wonderful experience.

Parts look great, build is so close. Hope you get your parts soon.

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So I have 2 vorons. V2, 3 years old and Trident over 2. Back then there were no good kits so I self sourced (Aliexpress is your friend) but honestly the LDO kits are super high quality and if I built one now I would buy. And honestly a Fysetc or Formbot kit have gotten to the point now where they are very good for the money. You may have to replace a few parts but still cheaper than self sourcing. They are awesome machines for sure! Another option if you do want to self source is there are several good vendors now that sell “mini” kits that contain the frame, or the hardware, etc. which is how I would do it if I was doing today. Fabreeko, KB3D, DeepFriedHero, are all excellent sources and vendors.

@kwledbetter Thanks for the info, sorry for not responding sooner, it was late, and it was a very busy weekend for me. Did some quick research the other night, so not sure how much I retained, but I am liking what I am seeing. I have to get my garage/workshop sorted (just moved into a new house, so everything that hasn’t found it’s proper home is just piled in the garage, which is supposed to be my space to use as a workshop). This is definitely on the list of future projects!! Thanks again for the info!

I would highly suggest buliding a trident over a V2 when you get to it. Can give you lots of resons but comes down to easier to heat chamber, better z tilt, etc. I have both like I say and love both but think the Trident is better overall for lots of reasons. Also highly suggest you look into running CAN form the beginning. Feel free to message me with any questions, etc.

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Awesome, thank you for your advice! I will PM you when I get to it, but will probably no be until sometime next year. This is just added tot he list of on my radar of things to do. And just curious for now, but what is CAN? Haven’t heard of that (I think!!).

Well getting there. I think I have everything in now and so hope to have movement by next week. Next steps are spoil board, finish up z, finish belts, then wiring/electronics. So far no major hiccups.

I had a 4 ft T-Track leftover from a prior project and so decided to split spoil board up to 3 sections with T-Track in between. I have the MDF cut and glued. I ended up gluing 2 pieces of 15/32 MDF together since I had it laying around rather than buying something new. Just one layer didn’t give me enough clearence over teh T-Track to feel comfortable. Should be able to surface this one many times!


Ok first issue. Seems i have a square peg and round hole issue. These belt tensioners that are printed in green are not same shape as the uppers in black yet yet the holes on the lower look identical to the upper and in fact the uppers slide in there fine. Did I just print wrong parts? Am I ok to just reprint 4 “upper” belt tensioners in green and use those for the bottoms?

Nevermind. I got it the greens go in top. Duh.

That just shows your level of excitement while building this!


We have movement!!! FluidNC up and going. Motors all going right direction. Still need to do spoil board and needs serious wire management before i do anything for real but an exciting step. I went ahead and put on dual endstops (wont use them at first) and put 24v fans on the steppers and printed some covers for them. I still have to wire those. I have the Makita on my “wishlist” for Christmas so I am going to try to get spoil board and cable mgmt done in next 2 weeks, then use a week to draw crowns, learn software, etc.