New Primo in southeast USA

Got my primo working and making progress on improvements/more permanent set ups. Build volume is 26x26x4in. Using SKR PRO board with a Makita RT0701C router. Next steps are to support the Z-axis cable chain, come up with better management of the router cable, electronics enclosures, and emergency stops/relays.

Current state of the CNC

And 3018 pro for scale

Cuts/tests so far:

Foam benchy:

Dog silhouette from 6mm plywood:

It had a lot of stray fibers on the top to sand off, ordered a compression bit to see if that will help.

GBA out of 1x6 pine scrap from the table:

TFT and switches/button box:

Turned out decently, I plan to redo it at some point and 3d printed brackets to bolt it together instead of gluing to see if I can get better fit. Also has fan holes for no reason as I realized after cutting the TFT probably does not need cooling. Toggle will eventually control a relay for the router and space to the right is for buttons if I need to add them.