New printer time?

Yes the wheels are the same as for the Zen V2. I think those are the right springs.

It’s a fun project, hope it goes well for you.


Thank you @jeffeb3 and @SupraGuy. I will place the order.
The CF tube finally show up today after what? 3 weeks? I thought it was lost.
Im going to work on the cooling part fan, I got the volcano heating block and it will need to drop the fan by 11.5 mm.

thanks again


Oh venturing back into beta land… can’t wait to see what you think. When my next cf tune arrives I will start working on some documents for the printer.

My model might work for the fan if you drop it a bit but with all that room you can probably do lots of cool things, probably even the fan directly on the nozzle.

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:wink: yep
The printer looks amazing and I can definetly use another printer.
I have an extra bed that still in the box, it was a replacement for my cr10s pro. (the problem was the board and not the bed).
I placed the order last night(BTW no hurry at all on that order), now just need couple little missing things.
I will start printing parts by the end of next week, over the next weekend I will get the MDF will be nice to finally use the lowrider for something else then foam.
Thanks again for another amazing design!


Another big build! I have .dxf files for my frame. I used 350mm Z rails and 450mm Y rails. I could lose 50mm from the Y rails easily with no reduction in build volume. 50mm off of the Z wouldn’t hurt much either.

Ryan’s CAD is good for most of the changes, but the build plate support doesn’t like to scale up, and you probably need 4 bed support holes, too.


Yes, another big one, I will have to play around with the cad model, all 5 rails are 450mm , they are leftover from another project.
I will start a new build thread when the time comes.
Btw your build looks amazing. Love the front panel.


450mm Z rails… wow. My printer is 2’ tall (Well, 600mm, close enough), that will add another 4" (Well, I have 2" feet on mine, so maybe 2"?)

The Marvelous Mr Heffe has added the Repeat firmware config to the firmware GitHub found at the first link on the MarlinBuilder Releases page.

Thank you Jeffeb3!!


Maybe it’s just me… but I can’t find it. There seems to be an MP3DP, but that looks like the one for the V2.

The docs page at MarlinBuilder releases does not have it yet.

If you go to the github for it and then head over to the actions and find the one of them for the skr pro, there is an artifact for the MP3RP (for repeat).

It really isn’t super clear unless you know what you’re looking for, which is why we did the work to make the docs pages and releases.

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I did figure out to look at the github page, but was looking under releases there, where it doesn’t seem to be yet.

Well, I do have a working firmware, with a list of edits to the config files for what I’m doing for the extra size.


It was merged in so all future releases and all nightly builds will have a “V13RP” in the SKR Pro section.

I did a print last night and I do believe this fixed both my fan issues, but I will verify today, I have some accessories I want to print.

I did change the current a bit, I have no idea why it was so low for the X and Y. I also upped the acceleration to match my current tests, I think I had turned it down for testing and never turned it back up.

I also have been watching the texture or pattern we were seeing. It is extremely had to see for me now and it seems to be on both X andY sides of Teaching Tech’s acceleration test print. I also have a high-frequency ringing but it is very very subtle. Still far and away the best prints I have every printed. Now I am wanting to see some high end prints to see if they still have these things. I could very easily take a normally lit picture and you would never see either.


Finally hooked up the RGB “neopixels” I ran 29 directly from the SKR board…just to see if it would pop, so far so good. The 5v regulator on these boards says it can handle 3A, 29 at full brightness white would be 1.74A

29 is far too many. I think I will do somewhere around 10-15 make it fit somewhere fun.

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Did you make your own or use one of the strips?
Any pictures of the setup?
I’m very interested on this as I’m planning to get 2 strips on the left and front corner of the wood frame.

I just plugged in a 5V strip directly to the board. I have not mounted them anywhere yet. On the Box versions I have some ideas, like the HDPE can easily shine through from under the wedge near the board. The extrusion version I might just shine straight up as it sits on a shelf.

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Well I found an issue with my extruder (hemera) cooling fan, it always ran but was running slowly. I poope dthis on accident shorting my fan pins while messing around with the wiring.

Now I need to do the testing all over again.

I have(had, threw it away) a part like that on my raspberry pi display. Accidently ran 24vdc through the negative line, had the power supply wired backwards.

There were actually several components that blew up like that on the board.

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I tried to fix it using a dead board I had on hand…turns out 450C on the hot air is too much. I need more patience.

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So Barry got me all excited to try faster prints. His railcore is a pure speed demon. So I gut the guts up to press my luck…PS 100mm/s is no good with the stock hemara hotend.

Flow rates here, Flow rate calculator, 0.5mm nozzle, .35mm layers, 0.6mm width, PLA, standard genuine v6 heatblock and heater. Volume lets you compare to different nozzles and layer heights.

His test block is sliced at 10mm intervals and the speed increases at each one.
bottom - 10.5mm^2/s -50mm/s
12.6 - 60mm/s
14.7 - 70mm/s
The line is the start of the 16.8 - 80mm/s section.

So you can see it took a bit for the heater to catch up and never recovered.

The 70mm/s section has a bit if a odd thing on the corner of the “X” but I think it is some sort of heat issue not an actual acceleration thing.

I am pretty stoked on the performance.

and the top section (not in the picture) at 18.9 - 90mm/s is no bueno.


Had my print speeds set at 190mm/s.

Funky spots are because vase mode and I didn’t chamfer the shapes right in fusion.