New Rolloer assembly

Hi, to join the RollerMount with Roller screws should I use 6/32 " x 0.75 "?
I have a small problem that is not falling nuts where they should go .

I was thinking of heating with the welder.

Those locknuts don’t look like they will fit. Did you use them on the previous design? The new design I have actually opened the nut slots up a little bit. I think you will either need a different brand/size of lock nut or just use a regular 6/32 with some locktite on it.

Thanks for your answers, I used screws and nuts 5/32 . In the list of components is written 57 screws and nuts 6/32, are you sure is not 5/32?
In my case I did not work 6/32.

It should be a #6 screw, 32 refers to the pitch of the threads. As long as your up and running we are all happy.