New Sandify Shapes

Thanks to bobnik on github, there are some more neat shapes to mess around with on

Bob gave me a great pull request, with all the details, and all the math laid out, which made it very easy for me to pull. Just great work.

Here is an epicycloid, which I have called a “clover”:

A hypocycloid, which is similar, but to the inside. I have called this the “web”:

And a Rose, which by any other name, would still looks just as sweet (oh man, that’s corny):

Big thanks to Bob.


Sweeet! I am trying to hurry up and get the zen firmware updated, so this gives even more incentive to hurry my butt up!

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Thanks, Jeff. If you do try these out, I encourage you to visit the Wolfram Alpha links for some great values to plug in for the variables. The patterns can change quite dramatically, particularly the “Rose”.