New to forums and cnc, build/buy help

New to everything related to this and want to make sure i am on the right track. I was looking into the maslow when i first started researching cnc but then found the lowrider and i like the bench design better.

I would prefer to buy as much as I can from the site. So i have in my cart the lowrider main kit with 1" printed parts and 1/8 collet. I also have the flat stock 1" parts in cart. Finally the skrpro 1.2 kit.

I know i will need to buy the dewalt 611, unless yall suggest better options, and SS tubing.

Do i need anything else other than building a frame/table and my own PC to get up and running? Any and all positive suggesstions/comments would be very grateful and appreciated!

Side note, I want to do cuts for building furniture, shelving/cabinets, signs, holiday yard/house stuff, maybe carving images, cage accessories for my chameleons, among other things…

Thoughts for furniture making:
Add the 1/4" collet
Buy bits from V1 to start so you know you have quality tooling
Endstops… Don’t install them until later, much later
SS tubing (make sure to obtain tubing w/ wall thickness at or slightly more than recommended)

If you’re printing parts, make sure to use infill settings at or more than recommended and use PLA.

Doesn’t the 611 come with a 1/4 inch collet?
And for endstops on the lowrider…I’m not sure I would recommend them at all. It’s a huge pain to set them up because there are no provisions for them on the parts. You’ll have to “ingenuity” some in there. And then, mine always seemed to move a little anyway, especially on the z axis. A couple of blocks that rest on the table would have been a better idea for me, personally. They reference the spoilboard height directly and would have saved me more time than I spent setting up and maintaining mine. Same for the x axis, or maybe it’s y for everyone else. The long way. Shim the stop blocks with tape to get it bang on, then hold it to those when you start up. One less system to worry about.
On the other hand, I DID drive quite a lot of smiles whatching the thing drive itself home and get ready for duty. So that’s not NOTHING…

Where do you buy good quality ss tubing?

A local metal store if you have one.

My LR is DOM, I think. It isn’t shiney, that’s for sure. It is full width (60") but I didn’t build the table full length.

It sounds like you are going to have a bunch of fun. Targetting sheet goods and furniture is really setting yourself up for some quick successes. A lot of the best success stories from the LR are from sheet furniture.

I second getting some bits from Ryan, at least until you know what to expect. There are a lot of “CNC” bits that just don’t have the right stuff. Something about the way the are sharpened or something, IDK.

So to make sure from what was in my original post is there anything else i need to get started? Is the skrpro a board i will love or hate?

The posts looks good, except for the bits.

If you wanted to do it, you can get a raspberry pi and run v1pi. But it is far from necessary and a fun project when you are interested later.

The skr pro is a good board. It is jist really new, which is why there is a warning. I have high hopes for it, but until we have a couple dozen running all the time, with lots of issues reported and solved, it will have a “beta” tag on it.


Thank you. Most likely will wait to order it all after the hurricane, im in northwest FL not sure where it is going never trust the news they are always wrong…


I went through some teething pains with bits initially (I jumped into wood against better advice provided on this site). I went through a half dozen 1/8" bits easy in the trial and error phase. I have some better quality bits from @vicious1 and some scrappy workers from elsewhere that can be abused a bit if I’m unsure. TLDR have some extras handy at all times.

So whats a good material to learn with?

The suggestion is that foam is a more forgiving medium to begin with.

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Oh man, i used to live an hour north of Tampa. If I had a dollar for every tropical storm and hurricane that surprised the forecasters, well, that would be a really weird way to get money but I’d have quite a bit of it.