New Tool Mounts?

So in the new May 2016 section where the new parts have been updated it states:
All new tool mounts will be needed, I have posted a blank to make that as easy as possible,
Does this mean all of the mounts in Thingiverse wont fit the new Z? I ask because I am ready to have parts printed and dont want to waste time and rescources. Thanks in advance for your time…

Correct, as far as I know the only tool mounts are the 2 I posted for the dewalt and the extruder.

Thanks for the reply. The next question would be, jump right in, or do I wait for the new 25.4mm machine update? Not asking for an eta, just your opinion :wink:
I am planning a 24"x36" work area for my build. Thanks!

If you can get conduit that fits either of the current 2 machines there is no reason to wait, it is not any different, just .4mm more room.