New UK Build - And Away We Go!

I’ve been loitering here for a while with the plan of building a Lowrider, but a few changes in circumstances has made me decide to start with a MPCNC instead.

Looking at going for 24 X 36 work area and just started printing the core.

Been playing with my SKR Pro board and TFT35, adding some custom buttons and a probe menu just to see if I can.

A long road ahead but looking forward to it.


Anybody for strawberries and cream?

Close to being about half way through the printing.

One more tip run and the garage clear out/organisation should be done and I will have space for this.



I built a 24x36 and have found that it is not too hard to get good accuracy over the whole area.

Here’s my build:


Looking good, very clean prints too. The color choice works well too, it should be a great looking setup!
Keep us updated, I always like seeing other new builds.

Well a few months of work in the garage including filling a skip and getting the roof replaced I am now able to see some light at the end of the tunnel and marked out were my CNC will go.

Happy Dance Time!!!


Finally had a chance to do a bit more work on this so have finished building my table and secured my feet in place. Should be able to start getting some pipes installed tomorrow.


Pipe cutter arrived today so I started cutting pipe.

Unfortunately need to wait till payday now before I can get the bearings and start building up the trucks.

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Spent some more time on this, assembled the trucks and core and did a test fit. Still waiting for motors and associated bits but just wanted to get bits together so I could see how they move. Happy to report that everything feels solid but moves easily. All credit to Ryan to coming up with such a good design.

Raided my parts bin and managed to find all the bits I needed to wire up a power strip to some emergency stop buttons. Plan is to have the router and controller plugged into it so that in a serious emergency I can instantly kill power to everything. With a button in each corner there is always one within reach no matter what side on the machine I am on.

So many buttons, I’d be tempted to press one for fun.
Good to see your progress! If things don’t quite fit the first time around, just keep going and you can adjust later.
I built my MPCNC to functional levels, but still ended up taking most of it apart to many a bunch of minor adjustments all around.
Shes running beautifully now.

Had a fair bit of progress this evening after getting a delivery of stepper motors.

All assembled and belted up, next step is to do a test setup of the wiring but that will have to wait till the morning as I’m tired and my back is starting to ache. Fingers crossed there will be motion tomorrow.