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I want to build the LowRider 2 and am about to buy the bundles with the mini Rambo board. is the mini rambo board the best option or is there something better to use?

Also i have been using a Maslow cnc router build and have a Ridged router will it work with this build?

What other add ones should i add to make it a better build?

Are there any coupons?

Is there any updates on the LowRider 2 about to come out? Should I wait?

Any help would be much appreciated thank you


  • Yup, the only reason to pick the full rambo instead of the mini is dual endstops for squaring, and the Low Rider is very easy to manually square.
  • It's going to depend on which model of Rigid router you have. As long as it's close to or better quality than the DeWalt and not a lot heavier the only issue will be change to the plate for mounting it.
  • No coupons, or at least I've never seen any. :)
  • IIRC Ryan has hinted that a printer revision is likely next before a revision to the Low Rider.
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The mini rambo works great. The full size rambo has an extra driver, but there isn’t any preconfigured firmware to use it with the low rider.

If it’s about the same weight or less and fits in the 611 plate, then yes. Let us know what you figure out.

Good quality bits. LCD. Premade wires (series kit for the mini rambo). Eventually a pi running octoprint or cnc.js.

I’ve never seen one. Ryan runs on tight margins.

The Low Rider 2 is the latest. I haven’t heard anything about a new version of the LR. Ryan has mentioned updates to the MPCNC, but I wouldn’t wait. They could be a month or more away.

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Mini-rambo should be just fine - it is what I am using on the LR2; however, a part of me wishes I had the big brother to this board for the ability to do dual endstops. EinsyRambo has sensorless homing “endstops” but some ppl complain of the 5v fan connectors. I love the fuses on the Rambo/mini-rambo.

I used ramps for my MPCNC - I like ramps because if a driver dies, I simply swap it out (which has happened a couple times so far - once on 3D printer and once on my MPCNC).

I recall some sort of issue discussed on here regarding lasers with mini-rambo and some strange behavior… so if laser work is something you want, maybe look up that thread and see if the issue was resolved (I think it was fixed in firmware settings).

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Thank so much to everyone who replied!!! About to start on my table build and order the bundles for the LowRider 2 kits.

another question i noteced in the asmblehy instructions it showed a xz plate but i cant seem to find a dfx file for this plate. I must be looking at it wrong

That is for the original LowRider, not the LR2. You can find an illustration of the current XZ at the top of the assembly page.

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i really need help on how all the wiring and cables work, how does the router connect, im doing an 8x4 do you need really long usb cable and a long lead for router, really confused PLEASE HELP.

I too am a new user and have reached a stand still. I have everything hooked up correctly (I believe). But on my LCD screen the X Y and Z all keep flashing between 0 and ?

And it won’t let me do anything really. I can’t move anything or do anything. Please help.

Flashing zeros is fine.

What are you trying to do that it is not doing?

Farmer, just a shot in tue dark here…

When you are in the menu where it says “info screen”, does it go to the other screens when you turn the knob?

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The only thing it will do is go between the main screen and info screen.

And no Jeffeb3 it will not go to the other screens.

What I wanted to do is test the axis and make sure everything moves properly before assembling and attaching to a table. But I can’t test it.

None of the other screens are accessible.

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Normally, you press the button to get to the menu and then turn the knob to get to the motion menu to test the motion.

So something is wrong with the lcd, but I bet your controller is fine. Check the lcd wires.

You can also test the motion by connecting a computer to usb and using repetier host to control it.

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Thanks Jeffeb3. You were right. Swapped the cords around and now it works perfectly! Thanks for your help. Now to build the table for it and get working!


High five. Good work.

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Thanks. I will post pictures of my build when it’s finished, as my thanks for your help.


Ive looked EVERYWHERE i can think and no where is there any mention of length of cables or type of cable you need ie usb and power leads , no mention of how it plugs in or how you plug in a router to it, im so confused .

if this plugs in by USB am i going to need a 10ft usb cable? (arduino board)

same for the router a 10ft extension cable when its plugged in

am i missing something here


Andrew we’ll keep you going in your thread, this one is solved.

all parts are here just finishing the vacuum table and stat the build

all parts are here just finishing the vacuum table and stat the build[attachment file=117667]

all parts are here just finishing the vacuum table and stat the build

[attachment file=117670]