New Version F built in Hamburg Germany

Hi i live near Hamburg (Germany),
i know my english is not perfect but i hope its ok :wink:

Here this is my first build. Because i am in Germany i used the F Version with M3.5 Screws and printed caps to fit in the holes. I use 25mm steeltubes. For everyone in Germany i have a Shoppinglist on my site . Its my hobby website.

[attachment file=“OverviewMPCNC1.png”]

I printed the new legs and the dual endstop parts on a Prusa mk3 with PLA. I use the dualendstop firmware with the ramps 1.4 board. At the moment i draw Crowns but i have a toolmount for my old Dremel 395 for the next steps. Its from FrodoEldevik.

[attachment file=“OverviewMPCNC2.png”]

Thank you for this wonderfull project!!


Awesome build and really clean! Look forward to seeing future projects from you!


a little update. I made a case with a very professional cablemanagment :wink:
[attachment file=64260]

On the top of the mounted Bosch POF600 is a simple z-axis leveling tool.
Here in action
[attachment file=64261]

For the Bosch i designed and printed a toolmount. The top part dosnt fit perfect but it works. The bottom is my second design. The first was 3 screws high. So the Spindle was to high from ground. Now it is okay i think.
[attachment file=64262]

And i printed a clamp and a case from Thingiverse.
[attachment file=64263]
[attachment file=64264]

And the MPCNC is now dirty :slight_smile:
I created two boxes in Inkscape and made a box(thing) in Estlcam to learn 3D routing.
It is only 50mm x 50 mm and 20 mm depth.
[attachment file=64265]

Thanks for all again. It is awsome how good the design works.


love that bed leveling tool. might use that idea