New Workbench

I am trying to come up w/ a good way to store my mpcnc in a way that will be quick/easy to deploy.
This is what I’ve come up with so far.

Using 2 vertical rails, the mpcnc would slide up against the wall (similar to a garage door rail).
The other (bottom when parked) end of the mpcnc would have rollers to help it slide across the workbench. when parked up on the wall.
I would have a pin on the rail as well as a hump for the bottom rollers to seat into (to make sure it stays vertical).

Anyone see any issues I may come up against?
Has anyone already done this?
any suggestions?

*I need it to push out further from the wall to make room for that side’s belt, and figure I can solve that by having the rail wheels further out than the belt.

*I don’t get to build it until later this summer, but would like to have plans together…depending on how fast construction goes on the house/garage =

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Looks cool. I don’t know how well it will work with gravity going the wrong way, but it would probably fine if you left it at five or ten degrees. At any rate, worth a try. Then if completely vertical is a problem, then you can just rig something to make it stop at 5 degrees. I think it will be fine, except maybe the feet.