New Zealand part sourcing

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I am currently looking into building a MPCNC however I am located in New Zealand and part sourcing over here for the EMT Conduit seems to be fairly hard, the cheapest I have been able to find Conduit for was going to be about $57 per 4 meters. I was wondering if it might be a better option to go for steel/galvanized steel pipe or aluminium pipe instead. I am able to get the steel pipe for $6.90 per meter with a 1.6mm wall thickness, or galvanized steel pipe at about $12.12 per meter. I am able to get 3mm wall aluminium for $72.11 per 5 meters plus the cost to get it galvanized. I am still waiting on some suppliers to get back to me on the price of stainless steel, but it does seem to be quite a bit more than the previous options. I am hesitant to get the aluminium due to ware from the bearings, what would be your recommendations on this? All prices are in NZD.

With this in mind I was wondering what the recommended material would be for me to get? Or are there any other kiwi’s who have been able to source this stuff at a decent price?


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25.4mm OD steel tubes would be the way to go. No need for stainless. There are a few posts about sourcing parts in NZ. It looks like the router will be your next time to work around.

Don’t use aluminum. The steel bearings will wear flats on it causing slop.

Thanks for the replies, do you think it would be worth getting the galvanized steel pipes or just the regular steel pipes? When I called them I believe they said the normal steel has a black finish, that might’ve been one of the other places though I’m not too sure.



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Jeffeb3, you said no need for stainless, however I think I will be able to source stainless cheaper than normal steel or galvanized steel, in this case would it be worth getting the stainless over the other options?

Current prices I have been able to find are:
Steel - $6.90 per meter - 1.6mm wall thickness
Galvanized steel - $12.12 per meter (could possibly get it at $6.70 per meter but unsure at this stage) - 1.6mm wall thickness
Stainless steel 304 - $5.83 per meter (can get in either 400 or 600 grit finishes, I think 600 is super shiny and 400 is not?) - 1.5mm wall thickness
Stainless steel 316 - $7.5 per meter (this one only comes in 600 grit finish) - 1.5mm wall thickness


With these prices, do you think it would be worth sticking to the galvanized steel or swapping instead for stainless?

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get the stainless

Ryan, do you think the 316 stainless is worth it over the 304? Also what surface finish would be better?

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Get the cheaper one, your over thinking it too much. Most of us use dipped galvanized, any stainless is far better than that.

Sweet will do, thanks so much for the help :slight_smile:

Now time to start sourcing the rest of the parts and start the massive amount of 3d printing :slight_smile:

PS. If any other kiwi’s are trying to source the tube, I found the stainless at Vulcan Steel for $33.36 per 6m ($5.56 per meter), it also looks like they have Aussie branches, could possibly be similar prices over there?