Newbie - getting set up to build; 3D printer question

Hi!! I’m thrilled to have found this site and design. I’m going to build this - however, on a different project I’m looking buy a 3D printer (a very inexpensive one to print stuff with my son). BUT, now that I’ve found the LowRider, I might as well get a printer that can print the items I need for this. Is there a recommended filament size or bed size (or heated plate, etc etc) that I need, to print the parts. I looked at Thingiverse and didn’t see any minimum requirements. Disclaimer: I’m new to 3D printing, too, to please spoon feed this to me :slight_smile:

I have had the Robo 3D R1 + - heated bed and automatic bed leveling. 1.75mm filament. I printed almost all of my MPCNC parts on it.

I sold it - moved to the Creality CR-10 - build volume of 300x300x400mm

I am not a 3d printer expert. I think if your just getting started and don’t want to throw a ton a money at it you can get buy with something like this -->

Filament size will depend on your printer, some take 1.75mm others take 3mm. Heat is nice for printing anything other than pla, it helps with pla as well, but don’t necessarily need it. I have a rostock max v2, which is a delta style printer, love it, but if I were to start over knowing what I know now, I’d go with a cartesian style printer. Don’t tell GeneB… They’re easier to get level. The new Prusa is kind of the Cadillac of printers right now, and not too expensive. That’s just my 3¢ (damn inflation).

And, of course, there’s the MP3DP here… It’s working great for me.