newbie question

hi newbie questions

I had many problems with some of the e bay cnc machines so how does this cnc machine differ in these areas?


part replacment

complete build process

can a Dremel tool be used as a spindle

did / are all of the hardware pieces included with the kit

I have no way to cut the frame can it be done by the manufacture frame I need is 24" x 12"

can you store files / drawings on a sd card or a thumb drive for remote printing

is there a WIF connection




To what machine are you referring?

What sort of problems did you have with the other machines?


I am not sure but the The Mostly Printed CNC look to me the best, it is for hobby use only. it looks like you need




is the hardware bolts ect included in the price?

what about printing via remote process?

I thank ever thing else is included? I not sure on cutting the frame pieces?

I just need pricing at this time.


not sure what I need

I see this


-All components are easily sourced or you can buy the parts from this site. Here is a price breakdown.

  • The Bundle has all the hardware and electronics except the conduit/rails which are cheaper to source locally than to ship – $271 + shipping if international.
  • 20′ of Conduit ≈$12 (or stainless steel tubing for a little more ≈$43) .
  • Tool. Either a Dewalt, Import spindle or an extruder (3D Printer) $53
  • ========
so the bundle is the complete unit to build this unit minis the frame and tool?

do you still need to buy one of the printed packages?

also the tool is not included also?





1-hardware kit

2-conduit (there are 3 different sizes, make sure you buy this 1st to see what is available in your part of the world)

3-printed parts to match the the rails you buy.

4-a tool, depending on what you are going to do with it.


There is also the parts page, the shop page, and the instructions. Do not spend any money until you look through those and understand it. This is a DIY project, you do have to do most of the work.

[attachment file=“Annotation 2019-05-14 214049.jpg”]
The first one, and one of printed sets, depending on what you can buy locally.


in my area I can get the 3/4 inch conduit so I thank the bundle will have ever thing I need to build this, I will need a table also

I saw this


-A Dremel style tool usually is not a good option. They tend to have high run out, low power, and high price tag. Most people already have one and they do work, I understand this, but don’t expect stellar results, it is a good option to get your feet wet with a minimal initial expense if you already own one.


I am not sure were to get the printed the housing for the tool, i have a Dremel now I am cutting balsa, some fiberglass thin sheets, light plywood max 1/4 inch, just hobby stuff.

I did not see a laser tool option, I thank I need a speed control also?

almost ready to press the buy button mpcnc.