Newbie Question

Before my question, I want to say Thank you to Allted for making this possible! I know you have heard it a lot, but this project is really awesome, and I have huge respect for the design aspects. I love the efficiency of it all, and the ability to change between all of the various tools that make CNC machines awesome.

I just ordered my kit, and I am excitedly preparing for its arrival. I already got my 3/4 conduit etc… but I had a footprint size question. I have read through everything I could find about this, and I am trying to make my final decisions before cutting anything or building my table. In the Specifications page on size it says that the kit comes with parts for 48" of X and Y. Would this work out as 24"x 24" of actual X-Y work area, or is that like 24" x 24" of just total machine footprint.

Thank you,

I built mine 36x36 and have just barely 24x24 cutting area. I would recommend making it slightly bigger than 36x36 if you are going for 24x24 work area. I used the wire harness from the shop and with that harness plus the wire from the motors I have a ton of extra so I don’t think you will have a problem.

Thank you for the info, so basically the limiting factor from the kit is only the wiring lengths and the fact it can’t be longer on any one side than 3.5’ without mid-span support?

Sorry just answered my question on that one, it says in the kit description that the belt is enough for a combination of 48" of X and Y so that must be where the limitation comes from.

When I built mine I chose to just cut the standard 10ft lengths of conduit into thirds. That is very close to 40" (missing just the blade width) and provides slightly more than a 24"x24" workspace. I ended up purchasing two 10’ and one 5’ lengths to give me all the conduit needed.

You can always get longer belts they are cheap.