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Hey everybody. I was debating between makeing the lowrider or the root3, but after browsing both sites, and roots facebook group, the root doesn’t seem to have a very active community. This one however seems to be alive and well. My starting point is to be able to cut 4’x’4 sheets. Ill see where i go from there. Right now I have a millwright cnc and a maslow. the millwright works well, i just want a bigger work area. I think the maslow is great, it just didn’t quite turn out to be what i thought it would, and takes up alot more room than i pictured in my head. So I plan on starting to print the lowrider parts tomorrow and try to pick up the piping at Home depot as well.

I guess we’ll be seeing each other around


My HD does not carry 1 inch OD tubing… 1 inch conduit or water pipe is not the same

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Good catch Tim. I read right past that part. Branden, you are not going to find the tubing you need for the LowRider at Home Depot. Pipe is primarily measured from the inside dimension. Tubing is measured from the outside. For the US, you are looking for 1" (25.4mm) tubing in either stainless steel, or DOM. You are not going to find this at HD. Ryan did a bit of testing and found that DOM tubing was just a bit stiffer than stainless, but it will rust and therefore needs to be coated with a non-silicone past wax. There is a version of Ryan’s other machine, Primo MPCNC, that uses electrical conduit that can be purchased at HD and has an outside diameter of 23.5mm, but the LowRider is designed to use the larger tubing.

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If your town is big enough to have a Home Depot it should also have a metal supply house, it just may take a bit more legwork to find it.


Thanks for the input guys. I know of a supply store that i should be able to get the tubing from. Another question. the BOM called for 3.75 and 2.75 bolts. I can’t really find those, is 4" and 3" bolts ok, or will that .25 in cause problems?


We’ve got both Grainger and Fastenal shops in our mid-size town and they both do mail order. I got a good deal in the DeWalt 660 at Fleet Farm.

It’s been my experience that as you get further into CNC of varying types the “big box” stores feel more and more limiting. They carry lots of different categories of stuff but always seem to be missing the specific size or version when I’m shopping for a specific fit.

Thanks Tom. I already have a dewalt 660 from the millwright cnc. I have also found HD and Lowes to be a lack of a good source since getting into 3D printer and other maker hobbies.

Yes they are geared to home repair and contractor building basics residential homes not our specialty needs the conduit version is well covered common home building but 1 inch OD 25.4mm is not a size used or requested often