Next Zenxy build ideas

Anyone know if there is any extra here, or other things needed for the Zen build? I copy and pasted this from somewhere else but honestly am not sure what each line is for.
For homing Y before X, is that part of the custom homing (if so where do I set it) or do I just do that in the start g code (G28 Y, G28 X…Or does it have to be $H?).

…and I just need some more baking soda to finally try out a build that started the week after last mrrf.


Hmmmm, well my grbl32 settings are not right somehow. Both steppers move but it is always at an angle. I am missing some sort of setting (or somehow I have two different pulleys)

I don’t know grbl32, but in “standard” grbl there are a couple of directives to uncomment to enable CoreXY kinematics. Anything like that match in the grbl32 config files?

Not sure. I think it is different, the Corexy is no longer in the main code with esp32. When I add it to the config I get motors moving for a straight line but I get an angle instead of along the axis. I poked around a while, I will dig deeper after the mail pickup.

Oof, it is pretty old:

I didn’t change anything for mine. I should probably try to configure the new one before recommending it to someone else. :slight_smile:

This is where those came from:

Edit: I can only reply three times in a row :slight_smile: :

OK. I have this sort of working. The homing is a little funny, but I think that may be a pins problem.

Here’s what I did (from main, which is commit: f3ca8b2):

--- a/Grbl_Esp32/src/Machines/tmc2130_pen.h
+++ b/Grbl_Esp32/src/Machines/tmc2130_pen.h
@@ -27,8 +27,10 @@

 // Select a version to match your PCB
-//#define MACHINE_V1 // version 1 PCB
-#define MACHINE_V2 // version 2 PCB
+#define MACHINE_V1 // version 1 PCB
+//#define MACHINE_V2 // version 2 PCB
+#define CUSTOM_CODE_FILENAME "../Custom/CoreXY.cpp"


diff --git a/platformio.ini b/platformio.ini
index ddf3a85..863126a 100644
--- a/platformio.ini
+++ b/platformio.ini
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ lib_deps_builtin =

 build_flags =
-    ;-DMACHINE_FILENAME=test_drive.h ;Remove ";" from the beginning of this line and specify the machine file
+    -DMACHINE_FILENAME=tmc2130_pen.h ;Remove ";" from the beginning of this line and specify the machine file

I used the platformio command line and did a platformio run to compile it. That looked good. So I shipped it with platformio run -t upload with the esp32 connected to the computer.

I had to connect to it’s wifi and set my AP settings, then I set up homing with these commands:


I can check the limit switches, if they are triggered they show up in the status line:


Pn:X means the X is triggered. You can invert them with $Limits/Invert=On.

There are actually a lot of neat things you can set that regular grbl can’t (I dont think so anyway). Try sending any one of these to see a ton of useful settings:


Isn’t this supposed to be specified in machine.h?

I did this

It is the oddest thing. Swapping the plugs around I get 45 degrees or half that. Maybe the V2 is set up for corexy by default and I am halving all the angles or something.

maybe I should jump into the slack

He moved to discord.

It really sounds like it isn’t corexy.

To be clear, I ran those changes on my zen and it moved the right way. I didn’t add any of those other #defines, but I don’t think they actually do anything.

I do have the v1 board, and I am using pio to compile it.

Turns out the default profile is no where close to working even though it says V2 in it. I cut and pasted the defaults from the V2 repo and all is good.

I will work up some sort of PR as soon as I verify it works.

EVEN CLOSER now to the giant ZEN!!!

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Oh weird. I’m glad you have it figured out. Those can be tricky. My X endstop isn’t registering, so I need to go poke at it with a mutlimeter and I am guessing it is a problem with the pins file too. I also haven’t opened the optical sensors you sent me, or printed a new corner… I will get to it.

Do you have any plans for selling the ESP32s already flashed? I am sure they would cost more than getting them from China, but it might be a good value add and help people pick up speed on a new build.

If I am not mistaken the default shows both endstops on the same pin, that can’t be right? I have not tried yet, wouldn’t you know, the first time I ever switch to optical powered endstops I hit a board that does not have a 3 pin endstop port…dangit. I wonder if he would be open to a hardware revision.

I asked about selling the actual boards, for now I think he wants to sell them direct, he said he would flash any setup we want. The bummer for that is international customers would get double shipping charges. I was thinking about the ESP’s themselves, I have a pile of them here. Not really sure what to do yet.

I am not seeing a way to set the current in GRBL esp32 for the 2209’s? I am guessing coolstep is taking care of it.

I thought that board only supported 2130s. I didn’t realize you could set it up with 2209s.

Now that you mention it, I’m not sure how I set the current on my 2130s either though.

V2 has built in 2209’s

Did you try sending $Stepper? Maybe it is one if those settings.

Hmmm, no Let me try that.