NJ primo complete (mostly)

Primo upgrade complete (photos to come). I just need to screw on the end stops.

Just wondering if those who have finished should do anything before the other primos are released. (Ie, what do the guinea pigs do with their new wheel)

First thing I plan on doing are test cuts to make sure I’m getting squares instead of rhombus. Also going to try some circles.

Then I’m going to plow into some 3/4" MDF and see how hard it can cut. My burly had flex in the Z that caused chatter. I want to see if that’s gone.

Then I have a project in hard maple I’ve been putting off.


Still need to spin the tool bottom 90 degree though

Where in NJ are you located? I’m in Ocean County.

Morris county


Daniel… That setup is beautiful! The extrusion frame is fantastic. Did you make the base draw unit?

I’ll probably end up with plywood torsion box to keep cost down. Just for hobby. And figure a way to hang from ceiling when not in use

Nice work

Thanks! I also since then got my hands on an aluminum plate to replace the wood board.

The base I found on the side of the road. I bought plywood as a top and painted it.

I too started it as a hobby but I put a good amount of money to make it pretty functional when I need it. Now when I need something done, it’s a pretty fast job.

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