No control from computer to mpcnc

I can run commands from a sd card, but not via usb. this is most irksum when using repetier host.

I bought the hardware Kit from the vicious1 website,

I updated the firmware using the guide (so i no longer need the resistor)

im using win xp (pc)

the usb2.0-serial driver (com5) was set to 9600 baud, I upped it to 128000


the repetier host was at 256000 i lowered it to 128000, (the program also will stop the card from printing if the program starts mid print up mid print.

I would like to print/mill/plot from repetier host but right now its not responding, any time i do manual controls it builds up as (X#) command waiting.

repetiers log is saying “communication time out, reset send buffer block”

anytime i hit print, the printer doesnt move but repetier looks like its trying to do something


Pretty sure the arduino is using 250000 for the baud rate. It’s what mine are set to anyway.

I got it Running, thanks Barry