No Soliciting Sign

My wife saw a version of this a while back so I cobbled it together for her from some old cedar fence boards. Thought I was going to do it all in Fusion, but found out the CAM couldn’t do solid lettering with the laser. Tried my luck at raster engraving with inkscape using the 305 Engineering Raster 2 Laser GCode Generator, but that didn’t work out too well either. I think it may have been related to too many commands, or too fast trying to turn the laser on and off, or maybe something else entirely. Anyway, ended up just doing the vector laser engraving from inkscape with the JTech Photonics extension and doing the cutting with Fusion CAM and a 1/4" endmill. (I could have done the laser engraving from Fusion, but since I was already learning inkscape, might as well take it all the way!) Next up, learning image2gcode, I think that will work for future raster efforts.

Feeds and speeds are always custom to a particular machine, but I used 1000mm/m feed, 12500RPM, 3/16" depth, 1/8" stepover, single pass for the facing operation. For the cutout, 1000mm/m feet, 12500RPM, 1/8" depth/pass. I have noticed I can’t go as deep when slotting without picking up some vibration so that is why multiple shallow paths.

On the laser etching, 1000mm/m with the laser at full power. Perfect focus is at 36mm from surface, so I ran it at 30mm to fatten the beam a bit to make the letters more readable.

Whew, maybe that will help somebody with their machine, or to fall asleep…

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Thin mints…samoas, ohhhhhh yeahhh.

Fun sign and good job on the multiple operations /functions.

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I love it. :slight_smile:

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