No solid green LED

Hi guys working on wiring up my build right now. I recently bought a MPCNC that came with the mini rambo board 1.3a.

Right now I have the negative and positive wires plugged into the terminal block and that is plugged into section B for motors, logic, heaters, fans.

At this point, I am supposed to be seeing a solid green LED light near the USB port showing power but I do not see any light what so ever.

I have checked for voltage from the power supply and that is reflecting 6 going into the terminal blocks. I have also checked the fuses F2 and F3 for continuity and that is also good.

Anybody have any ideas?

Just some additional info:

I had the board connected to my computer, power, motors and LCD at one point but was not receiving any power. So took several steps back and decided to just test for power. If I would move the Core around the workspace while all was connected by hand manually, I would see the GREEN LED light flicker but it would not stay on and has not ever stayed on consistently.

edit: If it helps when I connect USB to PC, my computer recognizes the board and I hear it connect.

image of current setup for reference

12v? And you are sure the polarity is correct?

When you connect the board with the usb it should work and be able to be connected to or power the LCD, does that work?

12V power supply that was included in the kit.

When usb is connected to PC I still get no lights, just the occasional amber light flashing if I open repetier host and connect. LCD does not light up when connected through USB and power.

Do you have a way to check the voltage of the power supply, multimeter? Also checking the polarity since those wore colors are non standard.

The ultimachine boards are checked and flashed before they ship, it left here fully functional so I am looking for some small error. I have no idea what lights do or do not come on on the board other than red is for Mosfets that we do not use.

Yes the voltage coming out of the power supply at the exposed wires that lead into the terminal block is 6 voltes (technically 5.7).

There should be a solid green light that comes on to show power on the mini Rambo 1.3a.

It should be 12V can you look and see what it says on the side, loose connection? If not I need to swap you for a 12V.

remeasured the voltage at the exposed wires and it’s reflecting 3.5V now.

I think that’s the issue.

Well that is a bummer, if you email or PM me your order number I can ship you out a replacement ASAP.

Wait, change it to DC, you are measuring AC.

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whoops rookie mistake. Remeasured using the DC setting and I get no readings at higher ranges. Dropped the range down to mV and readings start to pop up. Regular volts, nothing.

Well unless there is a loose power cord on the other side, PM the info and I will replace it.