No stepper movement

Hello. I purchased the electronics from I have installed Arduino software, estlcam, and repetier host. When I connect the board to my computer, a green light flashes on the board (then goes out) and a green light stays on the Arduino. I can open repetier host and connect, the borad light will flash again. Printer information says MPCNC and Marlin firmware. When I open the manual control tab, inputs do not produce movement.

Estlcam says the CNC Controller is not available.

Let me know what I am doing wrong.




You should not be trying to control the machine with EstlCam.

Ok. No estlcam.

What can I do to control the machine. Your walk through tells me to first move the machine with repetier host and that is not working. The LCD is not moving the machine.

Is there a way to diagnose the board? Should the boards light stay on, or just flicker when connecting?


The LEDS don’t really mean anything.

I test it with repetier host so it should work, using the LCD is telling me you are having computer issues. Did you follow the other directions,, install arduino to get the drivers before plugging it in? Mac or PC? Correct COM port?


I followed your walk through.

Downloaded Arduino IDE from here. . That was on my PC before I connected the board to my computer. My computer shows Arduino Mega 2560 in the devices.

You said Marlon was pre flashed so I did nothing there.

Then I downloaded Repetier Host. That is the software I am trying to use to control the machine.

Without connection to my PC, the LCD wont make the steppers move either.

Can you show a picture of how it is wired up.

If it moves at all Marlin is pre-loaded and fine. What version of windows?

Here are pictures. Let me know if there is more you need to see.

You have it plugged in wrong. My power supply should not have a barrel plug in it, you need to use the green plug only.

Excellent. Thanks for your help.





Everything sorted and running great. Thank you for your help and great customer support.

First project came out great.

High Five!