Noise Reduction?

Has anyone put thought into reducing noise on the low rider w/out a full enclosure?

Some kind of plexi box mounted to the center assembly w/ holes for the rails, vac and cables? I imagine airflow from the vac pulling through the gaps could keep the motor ok for a while. But w/ gaps like that, how much noise would it actually reduce?

I had to build a big old enclosure for my MPCNC to run without much noise. Not sure how to go about it w/ the low rider’s size. I’m making a noise plan before I build this one :slight_smile:


The shop vac is way louder than the router.

My vac is under my table and baffled. The noise I’ve had to reduce with the MPCNC is from the bits chewing up material - it screams when going through 1/4" plexi. The enclosure I have cuts it down severely.

I used foam insulation and fiberglass panels wrapped in fabric. There are 2 panes of plexi and an air gap for the window. It was a trick to get clearance for the vac tube and keep the whole thing low enough to fit under the shelves.

I wanna build a low rider and unless it’s inherently quieter than the MPCNC, thinking I’ll need to mod it with some kind of baffle.

Until looking at that third picture, I thought that machine had never been used. You keep it mighty clean! I found that the MPCNC 660 is louder than the LowRider 611 and I’ve heard (really read) that the spindles are even quieter, but the high speed of bit just makes noise as it removes the wood. Ryan’s speed controller might help as well.

IDK Jonathan, it kind of seems like you’re the noise expert :).

Keep in mind that the whole gantry moves up and down, so the box couldn’t go all the way down to the workpiece. The bit would have to stick out, at least. Then maybe you could extend it with some brushes, but that wouldn’t do much for noise.

Okay, now I’m curious. What are you cutting out in that last picture?

That is sweet! Can you please provide more build info / pics about your enclosure? Might have to re-do mine.

Thanks guys.

BT, thanks for the info, that’s a positive. Not sure how much different Ryan’s speed controller is than the model I’m using for vacuum and spindle control (I had to get 2):

Immediately after finishing the enclosure I tried using the vac on full and w/ the tight fit everything started to bend inwards and looked like it was going to implode lol. I keep it around 5-6 and I get plenty of suck w/out structural probs.

Jeff, yeah, the gap at the bottom between the center assembly and material will prob be the death of this idea. I agree, brushes prob won’t do much to stop it.

Barry, in the last photos I was cutting parts for a sculpture I installed in Nagoya, Japan last year. I brought them in my luggage instead of clothes. They’re quarter inch birch and 1/8" plexi fastened w/ lots of screws, anchors and spacers. I attached pics. It’s 8ft x 8ft. My machine is only able to cut 34" x 34" so I had to make (9) 30" x 30" templates w/ all the holes for the baseboard. I lined them up, matched the holes in the parts, then drilled through the templates to make the mounting holes in the baseboard. I’m sorry I don’t have the second half of this video, I ‘lost’ my camera on the way home and with it the SD card w/ the images.

In terms of noise reduction for my MPCNC, I bought a 12 pack of 1" Owens Corning 703 Rigid Fiberglass Board (from ATS Acoustics), then wrapped it in fabric, then mounted it to 2" thick R-Tech insulation from Home Depot. It was easier to lay it out upside down (pic below) and build it up, then install it. Super 77 spray adhesive for the fabric wrap and the mount. More glue and deck screws and bolts where it needed reinforcing. My MPCNC is in a corner and I have enough stuff stored under the table so keeping the vac stored behind it and tucked away, helps that noise. I installed a swivel for the vac hose on the top center of the enclosure and another on the center assembly, so I can get full board travel w/out a tangled hose. The hose itself is the stretching variety so getting the length rt (considering it shrinks in size when the vac is on) makes a difference. I only turn it on once the machine starts moving. If I do it while the head is idle, I’ve seen it yank the position from home.

I know I could make big projects easier w/ a 4x8 lowrider but I live/work w/ my dog and have to keep noise down.


That is the most amazing sculpture. I am beyond amazed. How do you even approach the design? I would have such a hard time with that my brain just does not like to design without constraints. Where ever that is in Nagoya must be a lot cooler now! When I get rich I want to be able to get on your commissions list.

You have a super early MPCNC version even. Do you mind if I put that picture in the gallery page?

Sorry back to the noise thing. If you typically use plastics I think you could get away with a quiet spindle since you don’t need much power, and I have a feeling a fancy plastic bit would make much less noise. I believe they have really steep flutes. This kind of puts a different perspective on it. Even something like denim insulation in your table could damp the sound pretty well I would guess. For me in wood with a heavy cutting load, the bit makes the most/worst noise. The vac and router are up there but the endmill makes the majority.

Ha thanks dude, it’s part of an ongoing experiment trying to figure out a balance between nature and technology. I start w/ pencil sketches that try to blend a natural system w/ a man made one. I was thinking about looking down the center line of a DNA double helix - 4 bases repeated - giving that pattern of 8 for the skeleton. The shapes on top of that are like architectural mutations that I imagine maintain the system, like a city building itself. I want to make the work kinetic and move eventually.

Man, thanks. I zone out at your designs. I’m such a fan. Seeing the machine evolve has been so cool. Even though I’m scared to upgrade anything more than superficial parts on my machine - if it works I’m not screwing w/ it lol. Sure, feel free to post the pic.

I cut wood as much as I cut acrylic, if not more. They’re both pretty loud. I’ve been getting my bits from Drillman1 on ebay. Single flute 1/8" for plastic and 2 flute 1/8" for wood. I get too much chatter at low spindle speeds w/ acrylic. It cuts smooth w/ no melting at similar speeds to wood, 9/10 on my controller.

I can see how the design of the low rider could minimize nose w/ that center base plate and the spindle shroud.