Noobs First CNC Build Low Rider V3

Pumped to be here and huge Thank you to Ryan for such a great design and build details. Thank you very much for this!

I didn’t take to many pictures of the Printing process but here is one of the last bit of the main components printing. I went with PTEG for a little better heat and warping resistance. I also opted for the CUBIC infill as it tends to have a little better multi directional strength.

Here are a few shots of all the printed parts along with the purchased parts from Ryans store

Here are a few shots of the component assembly process


Man, you are really far along in the process! Great job!

Thanks Doug! This whole build has been a stress relief for me, therapy in a sense! Taking longer than expected, mainly because out the infant in the house.

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Got it moving and wires tucked away a bit better!

Shes alive!


Some Wiring progress pics


Cool. Congrats on the new baby! We just got our first grand baby delivered this past Tuesday morning. I am a grand dad!


Thank you very much and congrats!!!

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Couldn’t wait. Made a cheap table to get here Y axis moving too


Ahh, that crown is always good to see!

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Making slow baby steps. Got my kids name tuned up a bit. Next will be deeper cuts in foam as recommend for this noob.