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I started getting interested in the LR almost a year ago to make wooden reindeer for my front yard since I was too cheap to buy them. For my table I built a workbench and then used unistrut for the LR frame. Spoil board was made with a t-slot router bit but with the reindeer I’ve been using 1/2 sheets of plywood clamped to the table. It’s pretty close to being dialed in.

Thanks to Ryan for giving us a great project and forum.




Can you zoom out a bit? Do you have the unistrut frame removable from the workbench? That’s pretty neat.

The Unistrut frame can be removed from the workbench but currently attached with a bolt at each corner to help prevent any movement. I’ve thought about attaching a bracket to the wall to pivot the LR out of the way or using pulleys to raise it up towards the ceiling. Unfortunately I don’t have a huge garage/workspace like some others on this forum. I was careful to pick the straightest pieces of unistrut I could find at HD.

Additionally pics show the cross members of the unistrut (total of 4), cable tie attachments (wood blocks cut to fit in the ends of the unistrut), and how the spoil board fits between the unistrut brackets.

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Thanks for the pics. That’s good brain juice. Are those thomas train tracks?

Yes, as I wait for a new stepper the LR is acting as Santa’s workbench. A train/lego table is in the works for my kids.

Sure. Right. For the kids.

  • Slowly takes off conductor hat and says “choo choo” silently…
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