North Carolina Lowrider2 52x86

Just upsized my 24x48 Lowrider2 to a 52x86 cutting area. I am also adding a laser mount to the 611 plate.

I have had a number of request to make new road signs for businesses. The starting rate on signs here is around $50 a square foot. A 4x8 sheet of dual color plastic is $225.

I am running hardline from the 6.5hp shop vac in the closet to the Dustopper to reduce the noise.

I also purchased a 3040 CNC and have printed a new spindle mount. To upgrade the current 300 watt spindle to a 1.2 watercooled spindle. It is screw driven and runs about twice as fast as my Lowrider2.


[attachment file=105421]

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