North Carolina LowRider2 build

My 24x48 useable area, LowRider2 is slowly coming together.

Fun Sized, just like my current build. Nice.

My Lowrider2 is up and running.

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I think there’s something wrong with your crown. :slight_smile:

That looks like a nice clean build. Nice work.

Needed some thicker paper.

Got a good crown with a MPCNC LowRider2.


BooYah!!! Looks and sounds great.


I have no idea where the other two comments went…

Figuring out a spoilboard gcode.

Make your model of the spoil board about an 8th inch bigger than the board really is. I had to go over one side of mine with a plane to get a sliver of unmachined mdf off.

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What pen holder are you using? How did you attached it?





I used a Sharpie between two sponges. With two zip ties around it. I put the sponges in the router base. And put a round tool on top for weight.

I used a 1" spoilboard bit to surface the mdf.


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Looks like you’re making good progress. That should really make the jobs go smoother.

FYI, you can make all these updates on a single build post.

What settings did you use? Surface speed, depth of cut, etc? Also, what speed setting was your router on?

I used a website to generate the gcode. They are no longer in business.

Lame question: how did you mount the clip that’s holding your LCD monitor/controller?

There’s a clip in the thingiverse files. Gets zip tied to the frame.