Not enough torque

The parallel operation of two stepper motors on one stepper driver halves the usable current. The result is that the motors always get half of the possible power.
Is it Possible to use a separate stepper driver for each motor?
So E1 from second X axis and E2 as Second Y axis?
What changes are necessary in the firmware?
I am aware that the machine is then no longer usable as a 3D printer.

I found this here:

In der Configuration_adv.h steht:
// Dual X Steppers
// Uncomment this option to drive two X axis motors.
// The next unused E driver will be assigned to the second X stepper.
// Set true if the two X motors need to rotate in opposite directions
#define INVERT_X2_VS_X_DIR true

// Dual Y Steppers
// Uncomment this option to drive two Y axis motors.
// The next unused E driver will be assigned to the second Y stepper.
// Set true if the two Y motors need to rotate in opposite directions
#define INVERT_Y2_VS_Y_DIR true

how to make sure the E0 and E1 are free?

Just change in the configuration.h this line to 0 does not work unfortunately because the case is not provided.
// This defines the number of extruders
// :[1, 2, 3, 4]
#define EXTRUDERS 0

My approach would be to put in the pins_RAMPS.h an E2 definition and the change Pinmatching map E0 to logical Nirvana, E1 to Physical E0 and E2 to physical E1.

Would this be practical or does it go more elegantly?

How about just connected the steppers in series instead:

I changed it on mine, seems to run smoother in series (never had any torque problems in either configuration)

The drivers (as shipped from are (IIRC) 1.4V for X,Y and 0.7V for Z. The voltage is proportional to the amperage (I can’t remember the constant, it might be 1A/1V? 2A/1V? 1A/2V?). The max torque on the motor is going to be proportional to the max current.

IIRC, the reason these are at the 1.4V/0.7V limits is partially because vicious doesn’t know if you’ll cool the drivers, but it’s also because going higher causes extra heat on the motors. If you add a fan to the drivers (maybe by putting the whole thing in an enclosure with a fan) then you can probably up the limit a bit more, but then you need to watch for heat on your motors.

If you were to use another driver, you could set the X,Y to 0.7V, which I think would mean it’s exactly the same torque, or very similar. If you then drove the limit up to 1.0V, your driver would be fine, but would the motor heat up (and possibly deform it’s mount, or reduce it’s lifespan)? Seems like you’d get the same thing, or similar if you wired them in series. The difference being that the driver would then have to supply twice the Voltage to get the same current, which it wouldn’t have any problem doing, since it has a 12V power supply.

Another simple solution for more torque is to go to 16th stepping.

That’s my impression. I don’t have as many hours on it as many guys here.

#1 Are you actually having torque issues on the X and Y axis? This has been discussed many many many times in the forums.

#2 If you are something else is wrong, you should look into what is causing it.

If you want more power wire it is series, and try not to rip you machine apart. I have never skipped a step in the x or Y direct, ever, not even with 42oz/in steppers. I have skipped steps in the Z axis but Yesterday I found out is has been software issue this whole time…Bad gcode. I wire them in parallel to on purpose why add power that is not needed.

“why add power that is not needed”


Tool Time has multiple meanings these days…