Not happy with RepitierHost

I am using SKR PRO1.2, TFT35 E3 V3. I have RepitierHost but am not happy with it. Are there other software packages that are compatible with my hardware that you are using successfully?

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Cncjs or pronterface are both good. More info at the software workflow doc.

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@jonkling256 what about RH are you not happy with?

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2 votes for cncjs. I ditched RH too and haven’t looked back. No gripes against pronterface (I still have it installed) just cncjs feels more comfortable.

Cncjs here as well. The real time cutting screen, custom button list and interface adjustment is awesome. I just have an issue loading it up every once in a while but it’s also on an ancient laptop. I use the desktop version

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Not happy with the real time cutting screen. it just is not visible like on Candle. Also the emergency stop takes too long to act.

I have tried the CNCjs software and like it much better!

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Also the emergency stop takes too long to act.

This is a Marlin issue so CNCjs will not solve it. By default, the emergency stop g-code gets put in the queue and then handled when the parser gets around to it. If you are cutting long, straight lines, then it can take a long time. If you are cutting a random curve, then the command will be handled quickly. There is a fix for this problem. There is a emergency command parser in Marlin that can be enabled in configuration_adv.h:

 * Emergency Command Parser
 * Add a low-level parser to intercept certain commands as they
 * enter the serial receive buffer, so they cannot be blocked.
 * Currently handles M108, M112, M410, M876
 * NOTE: Not yet implemented for all platforms.

Thank you for that info. I have not tried to build the code from the source yet. Maybe I will try that over the Thanksgiving holiday.