Not quite, but most definitely

I’ve got four lowrider projects to do (and a boat), but I think I’ll squeeze this into the number two or three spot.

Folding Stairs


Make sure you do a bill thread on those! I could use a set for my attic XD

According to the faq on that site, “Our latest in house ‘Breaking Test’ (in which we placed weight on one tread in the middle of a Ladder and increased the weight incrementally) resulted in breaking the testing equipment at 1020kg (2250lbs) but not the stair.” That bamboo hinge really is stronger than steel! :astonished:


That makes me want to build a room in the attic. Those would be very cool.

Now all we need is a parametric drawing so we can make them any size…


Maximizing my time spent inside with some CAD work. I’m presently working on my kid’s clubhouse which I hope to have a second level. I was wondering how they were going to get up and down, but that has been worked out now.