Not smooth motion

I’ve been cutting quite a bit the past few days and feel like it’s finally time to troubleshoot some less than smooth transit movements in mostly the X axis on my MPCNC. I feel like it should move smoother than it does and am not sure where to start trying to pinpoint any possible issues. I’m also not sure how I can explain or show you what I mean. Should things be smith as silk during all moves or is there some inherent jittering to be accepted? Maybe I should snip the zip ties and reset the belts? It’s the only thing I can think of starting with.

I thought I had the same issue with mine when first setup. Mostly in the x y axis when moving diagonally. But seems to better after some use. Not sure why or if it’s just in my head.

Maybe a NON public YouTube video. (aka one that can only be watched by clicking the link so it isn’t searchable for the public.) Then we could see the movement and jitters you are talking about. If you want to try that just record a video on your phone. open the youtube app and click the camera button at the top to upload the video. Make sure you set it to private (not public) then share the link here in the forums.


It should be smooth throughout. Try moving things around by hand with power off (don’t move too fast because the steppers will generate back fed power) and verify there are no glitches. When you run into something that doesn’t feel as smooth as everything else do a little diagnosis to figure out what the glitch is. Bent tubes and wiring hanging up are the two most common…

Or if you have over tightened the tension bolts it will be kinda chunky.

Thanks everyone. I’ll do it all and post back. Sidetracked by the MP3DP tonight ; )